IT Consulting & Solutions

Redcentric’s consulting services draw on an amalgam of experience and expertise from across the business, straddling strategy, technology, projects and innovation, and drilling down into every specialist discipline and knowledge base. Our cumulative expertise provides your business with the insight and objectivity that can be harnessed to help secure effective transformation and enablement through your IT investment.

Whilst it’s relatively easy to gauge the fundamentals, the business drivers and operational objectives, by undertaking consultation, Redcentric bring value to a business through their knowledge of how to map and deliver optimal solutions that also overcome the inevitable challenges and barriers to change.

Redcentric takes a forensic approach to consultation, scrutinising, analysing and evolving proposals ensuring it’s fully aligned with commercial imperatives, organisational needs and technical appetite and ambition. It’s also a necessarily holistic, rounded view, embracing people, process and technology so that projects are joined up and ‘in sync’ from the off.

We work alongside your business objectives and requirements to create a proposed solution that will be backed by evidenced data as well our proven expertise in delivering tried and tested methodologies to transform your business and drive it forward.

Our consultation services can be broken into three core areas: