IT Roadmaps & Services

Our professional services team is as much a catalyst as it is a consulting resource. Our views, knowledge and practical field experience, coupled with our ‘doing’ style, are often the spark or accelerant for organisations looking to instigate change. We work collaboratively and methodically to help identify where your business is, examine where it needs to be, and explore the various options on how you can get there.

Our work goes beyond just bringing the vision into focus. It comprises both strategic planning and tactical groundwork in order to deliver a detailed dynamic roadmap for the journey from idea to reality. That in turn becomes a central part of the business case that we will help you make to your stakeholders.

Roadmap consulting is an extensive, in-depth process consisting of key elements including:

  • An end-to-end review of your IT – systems, management, security, applications, lifecycles, provisioning, end users
  • The production of a gap analysis, an honest assessment of where IT is failing to support the business needs or avowed strategic aims
  • A concluding report on findings and recommendations with the emphasis on the pragmatic – clearly delineated next steps, deliverables, timescales and priorities, the information to not only determine the project decision but to drive the project direction.