IT Infrastructure Management

The relentless pace of technological change and the exponential growth in data volumes is combining to keep organisations in a permanent state of catch-up. It means a tough struggle to escape the shackles of legacy environments and to provide the sort of agile, flexible and enabling systems that businesses need to prosper in the digital economy. Redcentric doesn't just took to help customers catch up but to keep ahead in the battle for efficiency, capacity and capability.

The aim of the service is to create a pragmatic and costed service improvement plan. Identifying bottlenecks and calculating tipping points for compute power, bandwidth, licensing and system capacity allows for the drafting of roadmaps predicated on effective future-proofing.

It's not just about ensuring your environment is fit to scale in line with emerging needs but also getting you to that critical point quickly, painlessly and with minimum disruption to business as usual. That keeps costs reasonable while helping you to the additional gains to be had from a more responsive, more adaptable, more aligned infrastructure that keeps you firmly on the front foot.

What we analyse when planning for scaling of existing infrastructure:

  • Capacity of existing systems
  • Bandwidth available and future requirements
  • Compute power matches needs
  • Existing configuration is optimal from a capacity perspective and maximises return on previous investments