IT Data Migration

One of the major impediments to system improvement is fear around the migration process - from fundamental concerns about whether you've chosen the right option through to having the resources and skills to deliver a successful transition. That fear can be paralysing, which is why Redcentric uses its expertise in change management and project delivery to derisk the process and move organisations forward confidently and securely.

Migration always carries a degree of inherent risk - potential disruption, data loss, user dissatisfaction for example - so our primary aim is to always minimise that risk and likely negative impacts.

Hence our preference for engaging early, helping you review your options in terms of operational and financial benefit, evaluating delivery programmes and calculating cost of change. From that base of certainty, we can then offer practical side-by-side support across desktop, server, network, application, data centre and mobile spaces.

Whether it's a discrete project or part of a wider transformation initiative, we can:

  • Design and stress test a migration plan
  • Perform the final migration from existing to new infrastructure
  • Offer training for skills transfer purposes
  • Audit and improve security and compliance

Breaking out from legacy environments, solving End of Life dilemmas, capitalising on the Cloud, overhauling security provision, switching core databases, these are some of today's common drivers for change. They are challenges we deal with every day, not just for customers looking at a hosted future but also for those with substantial on-premise investments to preserve. That gives us an unrivalled knowledge and awareness that translates into sound recommendations, assured delivery, and highly effective and efficient transition.

Our migration services can be broken into THREE key areas: