IT Installation

Redcentric offers a turnkey solution for those needing to migrate away from legacy or out of support/end of life hardware and software. On top of technical knowledge is layered a co-ordinated and integrated project approach that safeguards business as usual while reducing costs, delays and wasteful duplication of effort.

Our ability to draw on a broad range of accredited design and engineering skills and regular exposure to multi-vendor environments allows us to respond quickly, decisively and confidently to even the most complex and challenging installation scenarios.

We use our own extensive testing and staging facilities to fast-track projects, completing elements such as commissioning, software configuration and bespoke imaging offsite prior to the final installation phase onsite. Once onsite, we are happy to lead or support, working with other partners if required, or assuming control for the whole project end-to-end if desired.

Typical projects include:

  • Relocations
  • Greenfield design and build
  • New configurations
  • Data centre moves
  • Implementing new hardware or software
  • Reconfigurations
  • Removals and decommissioning.

Redcentric's depth and breadth of resource, plus its flexible, tailored approach, such as working out of hours, allows us to respond to very particular requirements or very tight timescales, but always to the same high quality standards.