IT Security Services

Organisations of all sizes still need to comply with regulatory frameworks, achieve industry standards or meet a customer mandate; and in an increasingly threat-filled world, everyone still needs to make best endeavours when it comes to mitigating risk. It's a hugely broad, complex and fast-changing landscape - let our professional security experts steer you safely through it.

Our professional security services allow you to tap into specialist skills and advanced technologies that are built on years of working to ISO standards, PCI compliance, a lengthy track record of G-Cloud, Janet and N3 accreditation - and delivering secure managed services to thousands of businesses every day.

So securing the perimeter and strengthening the core, through firewall checks, anti-virus updates, penetration testing, role-based access, sophisticated threat detection applications, this is the minimum standard, it's what we do all the time. Every year, we are investing significant revenues into building our defensive capability and ensuring we outrun the risks.

Where we add the real value is in helping develop a security strategy that doesn't just look at the tech side of the equation but also considers corporate culture, user types, processes, client interaction and compliance. It's a strategy that seeks to strike that difficult balance of ensuring sufficient control and protection whilst allowing enough freedom and usability, ensuring an organisation and its staff can still function effectively and efficiently without jeopardising data security or intellectual property.

With a holistic view, we can ensure that we map security provision to:

  • Align with business needs accurately and appropriately
  • Eliminate physical vulnerabilities
  • Drive down logical risk
  • Respond to emerging threats
  • Addresses the unique challenges around human behaviour.

Projects can be ad hoc healthchecks and remediation programmes or long-term change initiatives where we work to embed a new security culture and capability into the fabric of an organisation. We are also happy to work as an outsourced security provider on a permanent basis, tailoring a flexible, bespoke service to fit.