New IT System Features

Organisations can be slow to move to the latest iterations of software and thus defer the gains to be had from functionality, performance and interoperability improvements. Project resources, migration risks, cost concerns and that default ‘it works, why change?’ rationalisation can all militate against the decision to upgrade.

Redcentric aims to support you in those important decisions to switch up, helping you with planning, process and people to smoothly transition to an environment with new features and greater potential.

Through our extensive certification programmes and our strong vendor relationships, Redcentric is always in the vanguard of product knowledge – what’s here, what’s coming, what’s making the difference to your peers. And we’re obviously very well versed in the technicalities, which, when melded with our broader networks, applications and end user computing experience, makes for adroit, expertly resourced and assured upgrade projects.

It’s vital that we always assess change in the round, so we’re not gaining in one area only to impact on another; and equally critical that once that change is delivered, the end user feels the benefit. That’s why our service breaks down into four core areas:

  • Planning and project design
  • Testing and staging
  • Upgrade and go-live
  • User training.

It’s a thorough, end-to-end solution that maps the optimum upgrade route, derisks the migration process, reduces the cutover time, and equips users with the requisite knowledge to benefit from the system enhancements.