Network Security

Redcentric takes a holistic approach to network security, ensuring that it is integrated into our solutions right from the start. We apply the same stringent approach to protecting our networks regardless of whether they are for deployment in high or low risk environments.

Looking at the challenges within IT security our clients have similar concerns. As web applications proliferate, network borders disappear and workers become increasingly mobile, how can you protect your information assets? Topping the list of concerns are;

  • Cybercrime - targeted attacks, stealing data easily convertible to cash
  • Malware - Loggers, backdoor & data capture code deliberately planted on weaker systems
  • Workforce mobility - laptops, PDA's and USB keys containing sensitive data are high risk
  • Outsourcing & Cloud computing - Ability to manage 3rd parties containing sensitive data
  • Data breaches - the business threat of a serious security breach impacting daily operations

Where are your risks?

For the vast majority risks are related to online systems. Exploits are typically web based coupled with poor remote access. Clients are vulnerable to SQL injections, exploiting default and weak passwords and poor access control. Security breaches often arise under the following scenarios;

  • Where the exact assets and state of the assets are unknown
  • Data unknowingly stored in weaker systems
  • Forgotten or unknown external I.T connections
  • Misuse of internal systems designed for remote access
  • Poorly managed access to data


Redcentric's security solutions are designed to minimise the risk of security breach. We help protect mobile devices, provide secure remote access to applications and provide secure "transaction zones" for mission critical applications. Finally our solutions can be virtualised, providing multiple perimeter protection points.

As the network becomes ever more critical to business success, protecting it is no longer simply a concern for the IT department. Running mission-critical applications on an open IP platform leaves your business exposed, and puts your assets and legal compliance at risk.

Using best practice processes, our accredited security experts provide a service offering which includes:

  • Independent vulnerability assessments.
  • Design, delivery and management of network security components as part of an integrated solution.
  • Pre-staging and testing of network architecture to ensure maximum protection against threats.
  • Technologies from world-class manufacturers such as Cisco.
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