Application on control

Redcentric offers secure remote access solutions based on SSL technology as the simplest, fastest way of providing application access for your staff, wherever they are located and however they are able to connect to your data centre.

Business continuity

Is your company prepared for the times when your staff can't access your facilities and get connected to your network? Issues such as extreme weather, natural disasters, transportation strikes or even terrorist attacks can isolate employees from the office and have detrimental impact on your company's ability to support customers and maintain business continuity. This can result in massive productivity losses and have a direct impact on the bottom-line.

Redcentric uses SSL technology to offer secure remote access solutions providing fast and simple application access for your staff, regardless of location and however they are able to connect to your data centre.

The widespread use of web applications has changed the way we access systems and SSL has become the industry standard for securing internet communications. SSL protocols are easy for the end user to use because there is embedded support in every browser. Clientless access is appealing for many reasons and is effective for remote worker access, contractor and 3rd party access to your systems.

SSL encrypted communications are CPU intensive and can however cause as much as a 75% drop in server performance.

Redcentric designed a solution to handle large volume sessions for remote access solutions and e-commerce sites with appliances sitting in front of your web applications which perform SSL offload and decryption.

Redcentric partners with Microsoft, Nortel, Cisco and Juniper for secure remote access solutions.