Intrusion detection and prevention

Intrusion detection systems from Redcentric protect your business and aid in compliance.

Compliance-driving intrusion prevention (IPS)

Compliance is one of the most common reasons customers tell us they want better IPS capability. Drivers differ depending on each industry sector, with financial services needing to protect critical servers and sensitive data. Central government and local authorities needing to maintain public confidence and prevent mass security breaches. While retail need to comply with PCI DSS standards and prevent any leakage of cardholder data.

A Redcentric client can benefit from a carefully tuned IPS solution in their network, allowing them to focus on the handful of serious events that could damage their business rather than the millions of events the sensors pick up.

Redcentric has solutions from Sourcefire and Fortinet for all drivers to address compliance needs.

The cost of doing nothing

IPS is not the only essential factor as other internal controls ensure its effectiveness, such as good password management, segregation, secure remote access and other policies. Customers should consider the cost of doing nothing, for instance PCI fines for non-compliance are easy to determine - the damage to brand reputation, the cost and time of cleanup afterwords is more difficult to estimate.