Next generation perimeter security

Secure and compliant communications.

Many of our clients are struggling with the need to transact, communicate and collaborate effectively whilst ensuring effective security and compliance.

Clients want to reduce the complexity of their security architectures which prevents "appliance spraw" where complex layered architectures with networking, load balancing and discreet security appliances and applications exist today. These clients also want to reduce operating costs and capital expense, reducing data centre footprint and energy costs.

The flexibility, efficiency and scalability of next generation firewalls is imperative to add security to applications as and when your business needs them. Businesses benefit from having "change ready" architecture allowing new security applications like intrusion prevention (IPS), application firewalls and anti-virus to be added easily without having to change the entire architecture.

There are obvious business benefits for a client looking to consolidate their security systems with Redcentric:

  • Total cost of ownership can be reduced by at least 30% through simplified architecture, faster troubleshooting, reduced support, fewer upgrades and faster application provisioning.
  • Up to 50% energy cost reduction for a consolidated security solution.
  • All areas of cost savings are fed into our business case tool to prove the overall ROI of the new solution. There is normally an ROI for the solution within 12 months.
  • Redcentric partners with Crossbeam, CheckPoint and Fortinet and we offer a "discovery" workshop with clients to assess the benefits and ROI of a consolidation project and determine the return on investment for your project.