Resilient, flexible MPLS services from Redcentric

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is an upgrade on traditional point to point hub and spoke type networks and is representative of the next generation of networking technology.

The need for multiple connections is mitigated by the MPLS networks which connect each location to a private cloud, while traffic aggregation between a single, congested link is completely eliminated.

MPLS provides internet access straight into the private WAN, meaning internet access policies can be centrally controlled and delivered directly to each location. Organisations can vastly improve the responsiveness and access to key business systems by hosting within the core network using Redcentric's multiple, resilient data centres.

Redcentric is able to provide bespoke solutions to every customer's requirements as we operate our own national network using the latest technology to control network traffic, provide assured bandwidth via Quality of Service and maintain the privacy of all our clients. Costs can be reduced using Wide area Networks delivered through Redcentric's MPLS solutions as access circuits need only connect to the nearest network PoP (Point of Presence).

By working with dependable connectivity providers, broadband services and our own civil engineering teams your sites are securely linked into the MPLS core. We offer a range of high-end service features such as:

  • Leading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy
  • Flexible, multiple-provider access
  • Multiple, next-generation access technologies
  • Best-of-breed security services
  • Provider independence for increased resilience
  • Full Quality of Service with no extra charges
  • Fully managed WAN
  • Service Level Agreements for performance and availability
  • Support for network migrations, including project management, consultancy and professional services
  • Redcentric's network monitoring solution "Infrared" for detailed network insight and reporting

An array of managed services such as cloud hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS) and virtual environments including desktop and infrastructure are on offer once an MPLS WAN has been established.

To ensure the access and performance of your primary business systems, all of our managed services are hosted in dual, secure data centres delivered into the MPLS cloud with Quality of Service.