Providing a single pane of glass for your IT infrastructure, enabling you to deliver a more secure environment.

Holistic visibility of your IT security with SIEM

We help you to better protect your IT infrastructure by joining all of the data points from your security applications; providing single pane of glass view of your network and cloud infrastructure.

This enables you to gain a holistic view of your IT security and contextualise events across your IT estate. Leverage machine learning to spot anomalous behaviour, aiding early detection of potential threats and the analysis of root causes for more effective remediation.

The value of security monitoring & analytics

Adopting a holistic approach to IT security management and analytics delivers significant value in the way you protect your infrastructure:

Simplified Monitoring Icon

Simplified monitoring

Monitor your IT security systems across multiple applications and appliances from a centralised dashboard, simplifying management and reducing the time spent on gathering data for analytics.

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Holistic visibility

Access to a complete view of your IT security estate enables you to identify potential threats that may be operating across multiple vectors or across multiple parts of your infrastructure, threats that would normally go undetected.

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Reduce false positives

The ability to contextualise events significantly reduces the number of false positive alerts and allows your security team to focus its attention where it is needed most.

Rapid Remediation Icon

Rapid remediation

Your IT team can quickly see how threats are traversing your infrastructure and identify both root cause and the extent of the threat, making it easier to isolate and remediate cyber-threats.

Reduce Potential Security Incidents Icon

Reduce potential security incidents

Using machine learning, we are able to build a robust picture of normal usage. This allows the identification of abnormal activity to be automated, improving accuracy and detection rates.

Assess management capabilities

Our security monitoring & analytics solution provides:

  • Authentication logs
  • DNS traffic
  • NetFlow
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine learning
  • Security information & event management (SIEM)
  • Holistic view of all security applications & appliances
  • Audit event capture

Why Redcentric for network security monitoring & analytics

Our experience of managing multiple data centres and a nationwide network infrastructure has taught us the importance of detailed monitoring and analytics. We also understand the value of process automation in securing IT infrastructure.

Our professional services team will work with you to profile your IT security estate and build a holistic view of your operations. We will then leverage big data analytics and machine learning to simplify your IT security and risk management processes.

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