We provide a single pane of glass for your IT infrastructure, enabling you to deliver a more secure environment.

Holistic visibility of your IT security

We collaborate with you to enhance the safeguarding of your IT infrastructure by unifying data points extracted from your array of security applications. This aggregation culminates in a streamlined ‘single pane of glass’ view that encapsulates your network and cloud infrastructure, offering you a comprehensive perspective.

Through our comprehensive approach, we equip you with the tools to proactively safeguard your IT environment, making strategic use of data, analytics, and machine learning to bolster your cybersecurity stance.

The value of security monitoring & analytics

Adopting a holistic approach to IT security management and analytics delivers significant value in the way you protect your infrastructure:

Simplified Monitoring Icon

Simplified monitoring

Streamline your network security monitoring across diverse applications and appliances using a centralised dashboard, significantly easing management tasks and reducing the time invested in data collection for comprehensive analytics.

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Holistic visibility

Attain a comprehensive perspective of your IT security landscape, granting you the ability to discern potential threats that might traverse multiple vectors or various segments of your infrastructure. This includes threats that might typically remain unnoticed, highlighting the critical role of holistic visibility in safeguarding your network.

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Reduce false positives

By contextualising events, you can substantially minimise the frequency of false positive alerts, enabling your network security team to direct their attention towards the most critical areas where their expertise is needed.

Rapid Remediation Icon

Rapid remediation

With our network security provider services, your IT team gains the ability to rapidly track the movement of threats throughout your infrastructure. This facilitates the swift identification of root causes and the precise extent of each threat, streamlining the isolation and remediation process for cyber threats.

Reduce Potential Security Incidents Icon

Reduce potential security incidents

Through cutting-edge machine learning, our network security monitoring and analytics service enables the creation of a robust profile depicting regular usage patterns. This paves the way for automated detection of unusual activities, resulting in enhanced accuracy and elevated rates of identification.

Assess management capabilities

Our security monitoring & analytics solution provides:

  • Authentication logs
  • DNS traffic
  • NetFlow
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine learning
  • Security information & event management (SIEM)
  • Holistic view of all security applications & appliances
  • Audit event capture

Why Redcentric for network security monitoring & analytics

Our extensive expertise in overseeing numerous data centres and a nationwide network infrastructure has underscored the significance of meticulous monitoring and comprehensive analytics. Furthermore, we recognise the pivotal role that process automation plays in fortifying IT infrastructure security.

Our adept professional services team collaborates closely with you to meticulously profile your IT security landscape, culminating in a comprehensive overview of your operations. Subsequently, we harness the power of big data analytics and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to streamline your IT security measures and refine risk management processes.

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