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Omnichannel contact centre solution

As customer interaction patterns evolve, the expectation for businesses to be readily available across multiple digital Omnichannel channels in near real-time has become the norm. Transform the way your business engages with customers by adopting a Microsoft Teams omnichannel contact centre solution. This not only optimises agent utilisation but also ensures continuous availability for inquiries and transactions 24/7.


Elevate your customer service, enhance satisfaction levels, and cultivate customer loyalty by centralising communication across diverse channels. From web chat, email, social media, SMS, WhatsApp to calls, our Omnichannel contact centre solution drives a consistent and seamless customer experience, meeting the dynamic demands of contemporary Omnichannel communication.

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Omnichannel allows patients to opt for SMS conversation instead of voice, driving down queue times by over 30%. Patients get their queries answered quickly, and agents have time to deliver excellent service without time pressures.

Work smarter with a contact centre solution

There are many benefits that you will gain from using a Microsoft Teams omnichannel service to support your call handling and managing multiple communication channels including:

Gain comprehensive end-to-end customer journey visibility through a single dashboard, efficiently managing multiple channels for a live and cohesive view of Omnichannel communication interactions and key performance indicators.

Seamlessly integrate applications such as payment services, customer surveys, D365, and Salesforce into your contact centre solution. This centralised approach consolidates elements used throughout your customer journey, enhancing efficiency and providing a unified platform for streamlined operations.



Streamline customer interactions by utilising chatbots for straightforward inquiries and assigning more complex queries to skilled agents. This approach ensures efficient handling of diverse customer needs, providing a tailored and responsive support experience.

Increase your performance management

Enhance operational efficiencies across your omnichannel communication channels by reporting on agent performance and utilisation. This analytical insight allows for informed decision-making, optimising resource allocation and improving overall performance.

Support for agents

Integrate an AI-powered knowledge base for your agents, providing them with enhanced insights into customer interactions. This addition enriches the support process, empowering agents with the information needed to deliver more informed and personalised assistance.

Accelerate the customer journey with rapid and efficient processes by automating customer workflows. This strategic approach speeds up the customer journey, ensuring swift and seamless interactions throughout.


Engage with customers through video, screen sharing, and leverage advanced AI to craft a personalised customer journey based on their history. This comprehensive approach not only fosters interactive Omnichannel communications but also ensures the delivery of a tailored and highly personalised customer experience.

Safeguard your business and instil trust in your customers by reinforcing PCI compliance through a PCI DSS compliant omnichannel solution. This commitment ensures secure transactions and fosters a trusted environment for seamless interactions across multiple Omnichannel.

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Now, more than ever, organisations need to deliver outstanding online customer service in order to stand out from the crowd. Discover how an omnichannel contact centre solution can help you to gain, engage, retain and keep your customers happy in this infographic.

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Omnichannel contact centre features

Your inbound and outbound calls need to be handled differently, as well as any other communication channel you manage. Discover the range of features available to you here:

  • Queue
  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Microsoft Native Dial Pad
  • 360-degree Customer Journey
  • Chatbots
  • Agent Application
  • Supervisor Application
  • IVR Call Routing
  • Callback
  • Recording
  • CRM Lite – Unified Customer Contact History
  • CRM Integrations (D365 and Salesforce)
  • Administration Portal
  • Campaign Management
  • Real-Time Wallboard
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • End of call surveys
  • Enquiry Registration
  • API
  • SMS / WhatsApp

Contact centre capabilities

Our Microsoft Teams contact Omnichannel centre solution delivers the capabilities to provide a seamless customer experience using features like:

Empower your contact centre managers with the capability to precisely forecast and schedule staff requirements through integrated Workforce Management (WFM) software. This ensures that appropriately skilled agents are readily available to serve customers at the right time. While delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for business growth, effective staff management is equally essential in providing a best-in-class experience for customers.

Ensure a seamless and integrated customer experience by routing all interactions, irrespective of the channel, through a skill-based engine. This approach guarantees a true omnichannel blended solution, where customer interactions are handled efficiently and effectively based on the specific skills and capabilities of your contact centre team.

From FAQ to transactional, conversational, and predictive chatbots, our comprehensive range caters to all requirements, engaging in real-time, human-like conversations and responses. Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms meticulously analyse and extract data patterns, providing valuable insights into future behaviours for an enhanced and proactive customer experience.

Supervisors are equipped with essential tools for effectively managing the contact centre and monitoring agent performance. Features such as Whisper, Barge-In, and Silent Monitoring not only facilitate day-to-day operations but also open avenues for enhanced training opportunities, particularly beneficial for remote workers seeking to refine their skills.

Callback is a straightforward solution that empowers customers to choose a callback time that aligns with their schedule, eliminating the frustration of waiting in a phone queue. Callers are presented with the option of a callback or the ability to switch to a different contact channel. This flexible service adheres to easily definable rules and can be configured based on queue priorities, providing a customizable and efficient approach to customer interaction management.

Efficiently manage customer interactions by automatically displaying the full dialogue history in an intuitive timeline-style view when contacted. The Unified Customer Contact History feature presents all relevant information and correspondence from previous activities, enabling agents to be well-prepared and informed about the customer’s previous interactions.

Maintain a proactive approach to achieving goals through Power BI reporting and real-time analytics. Displaying both real-time and historical data from any enterprise data source within the Teams environment, this feature is perfect for monitoring operational performance and ensuring your team stays on top of their objectives.

Enquiry registration empowers businesses to identify callers and understand the reasons for their calls. Supervisors can define categories and topics through the administration portal, with categories representing the main themes of the enquiries and topics serving as sub-themes for each category. Agents can be restricted to selecting only one topic within a category or enabled to choose multiple topics. The results of the enquiry registration can be viewed in the enquiry registration statistical report, providing valuable insights into caller interactions and trending themes.

Why Redcentric contact centre

Our voice specialists work alongside you to create an omnichannel contact centre solution using Microsoft Teams to meet your specific needs. We get to know your business, call flows and various means of communication, to integrate them into a centralised contact centre to drive efficiencies and an increased customer experience.

We have expertise of over 20 years in providing managed services and currently delivering communication services to organisations such as Hays Recruitment, Howdens and London School of Economics.

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