At Redcentric we view support as a key part of the service you buy from us, with the people and processes as important as the technology. Every customer has a technical and customer account manager, ensuring you receive continuing support throughout the lifetime of your contract. Information flow is a vital element of the service. Whether it is during a fault scenario or for scheduling maintenance, our communiques will keep you fully up to date.


SMAX is our service delivery platform. If you are logging into SMAX for the first time, please access MyServices and follow the password reset process.

Contacting Our Support Teams

0345 120 7070* | Service support portal

We’re now using SMAX to help us to deliver service excellence for our customers. The launch of SMAX is part of our continuous improvement programme and supports the latest ITIL best practice processes. Find out how easy SMAX is to use and how AI, machine-learning, automation and self-service will benefit you.

Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care

Whether we’re watching your data round-the-clock with ‘hands and eyes’ support, configuring a new firewall for you or installing on-site equipment such as IP phones, you can rely on the highest standards of technical assistance at all times. Of course, things can go wrong too, but with vast experience across the IT & Communications landscape, we’re well equipped to both pre-empt issues, and deal with them quickly should they arise.


Best Practice Service Management

Redcentric’s support operations meet the highest industry standards. Our service management processes are based on the ITIL framework and are fully supported by Gartner-referenced service management tools and process automation. We have fully documented major incident and customer service plans, which detail how we operate both in business as usual scenarios and during major incidents.



If for any reason you’re not happy with Redcentric’s service, you can raise a complaint with any member of our team.

Our Client Portal

Below are some details about the features and login details.

What Is MyServices?

MyServices is our Online Management Portal for services. MyServices provides secure web-based access to your services portfolio anywhere in the world. Redcentric provide clients with a range of online tools; all located within our MyServices portal. MyServices is designed to be your single point of contact for information relating to your services. MyServices links directly to our key support systems including the industry leading HP Openview suite.

As well as providing the latest details on the delivery of your services by using MyServices you can create and manage service calls, leave feedback for the Support Team. MyServices is also the gateway to Service Reports, as well as Info Vista, the market leading network performance reporting tool.

Login to MyServices

Features include:

  • View of the current status of open tickets, the ability to log new calls and update existing records
  • Storage utilisation and trend information
  • On-line access to billing data
  • Access to project manager and latest status and date information for projects in service delivery
  • Access to an industry leading reporting and management suite – Info Vista

Info Vista

Info Vista is the industry leading enterprise class reporting system giving customer access to detailed information on Network & Data services.

Allows access to:

  • Reports covering Services/Devices/Sites with the ability to summarise at each level
  • Detailed network statistics on availability, performance and utilisation
  • Analyse packet loss, latency and inbound/outbound traffic over specified time periods
  • Instant reports give a “real time” view activity

Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

From February 2022 we will be using SMAX to underpin our ITIL service management processes.


  • Supports ITIL best practice for service delivery and support
  • Single, user-friendly portal with built-in intelligence
  • Speeds up support response times through automation
  • Delivers efficiencies and consistency through workflow
  • Uses AI and machine-learning to help us to be more pro-active
  • Offers a knowledge-base to support customer self-service
  • Offers visibility of the support ticket journey
  • Improves communication through news alerts
  • Enables us to continually improve services and support


0800 983 2522