Securing your web-based applications; assuring availability and productivity.

Application Firewalls

Ensure your web-based applications are always available through application security; protecting your web, mobile and API services.

Our managed application security service provides ongoing protection for all your web-based applications; eliminating systems vulnerabilities and mitigating the risk of attacks on your hosting environment such as malicious bots and automated attacks

Gain additional assurance of your web applications

Application security maximises the availability of your web-based applications and delivers significant advantages and benefits such as:

Environment Independent Protection Icon

Environment independent protection

The ability to protect critical applications, regardless of where they are hosted – on-premises, or in the cloud (private or public).

Comprehensive Protection Icon

Comprehensive protection

The best possible protection for your web applications and associated APIs, including protection against OWSAP’s top ten security risks, DDoS attacks and malicious BOT attacks.

Self-Learning Protection Icon

Self-learning protection

Our application security solutions leverage machine learning to continually build profiles of ‘normal’ application behaviour; enhancing our ability to identify, isolate and notify you of potential risks resulting from abnormal activity.

Continuously Monitored & Optimised Icon

Continuously monitored & optimised

Through our managed service we continually monitor the effectiveness of your application protection; configuring and optimising the application firewall to minimise false positives while keeping the application secure for your end-users.

Application security capabilities

Application security services from Redcentric include:

  • Web application firewall
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Machine learning
  • Vulnerability mitigation
  • Malicious BOT protection
  • Detailed analysis of attacks
  • Protection against OWSAP’s top ten security risks

Why Redcentric for application security

As you look to place more applications into the cloud, we can help you to make the transition both smoothly and securely. We understand the world of web-based applications and how to secure them.

The application security technology we utilise is second to none and this is supported with a fully managed service that ensures your web-based applications are constantly monitored, managed and protected from malicious attacks.

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