We help you to enable your people to securely access your systems and data, from any location, using any device at any time using authentication and encryption.

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Secure Remote Access Solutions

In an era where remote and mobile workforces are increasingly common, end-users require dependable and secure access to essential applications and data from any location, at any time, and with the device of their preference.


Our secure remote access solutions empower mobile and remote workers to access your network, offering them an experience similar to that of users directly connected to your network. This is achieved through encrypted point-to-point VPN connectivity across public access networks.

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I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your team at Redcentric in getting a remote access solution up and running for our GPs and practice staff. Your solution has allowed our clinicians access to clinical systems, which in turn enables them to see and treat our patients at this time of need.

The value of secure remote access

Secure remote access delivers more than simply compliance, it provides several operational benefits, including:

You can precisely define who is granted access to your applications and data, specifying from which locations, during what times, and through which devices. This level of control not only elevates your security but also enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of user access.
By facilitating secure access to critical operational systems and data, you empower end-users with greater mobility. This capability allows you to adopt flexible working arrangements, significantly enhancing the productivity of remote and mobile staff.
User identification and authentication procedures guarantee the authenticity of individuals accessing your systems. This heightened security, which may include multi-factor authentication, plays a pivotal role in reducing the risks associated with fraud and identity theft.
Whether you are obligated to adhere to specific regulatory controls or strive to attain the highest security standards, our secure remote access solutions enable you to deploy, manage, and enforce the security policies necessary to meet your compliance obligations and safeguard sensitive information.

Getting additional value from your secure remote access

With the exponential growth in mobile working, secure remote access has become an essential part of enabling remote workers and keeping the corporate network secure. However, it pays to look at it not solely through the lens of security, but also the additional business value it can unlock for your employees and customers.

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Secure remote access capabilities

Secure remote access from Redcentric provides a full range of capabilities to support your home and remote workers.

  • Secure VPN
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Support for multi-device
  • Flexibility to meet regulatory requirements
  • Support for public network
  • Full access audit log
  • Central control & management

Why Redcentric for secure remote access

As providers in both networking and security, our specialists are perfectly placed to help you define and deploy a secure remote access solution for your organisation.

We’re helping customers empower remote workers with secure remote access to critical systems. We help legal firms to securely access their sensitive client information, healthcare professionals to gain secure access to patient details while performing home visits and construction firms to centrally access data regardless of location.

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