SD-WAN allows you to seize control and centralised security management for your network, streamlining network changes and enhancing the efficiency of application delivery.

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Managed SD-WAN Services

Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN) ushers in a new era of intelligence for your wide area network (WAN). It intelligently directs traffic to the required service at each location and tailors application access to deliver the best possible user experience.


As a prominent Managed IT Service Provider in the UK, we empower organisations to securely leverage our managed SD-WAN solutions. This optimisation enhances the performance of your wide area network while tapping into the inherent cost advantages and resilience of this technology.


SD-WAN opens doors to an expanded array of connectivity options and organisational flexibility. It also offers centralised security and comprehensive network insights. We collaborate with leading SD-WAN partners like Fortinet and Cisco Meraki to deliver an SD-WAN solution tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. This solution is coupled with managed connectivity to ensure maximum network uptime and top-notch performance.

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As part of a network migration we upgraded the LAN and WAN for well over half of our offices. Redcentric were chosen to deliver this as a managed service due to its ability to provide world class, secure technology, supported by its own engineering team.

The advantage delivered by a secure SD-WAN solution

Managed SD-WAN delivers a range of additional capabilities, beyond traditional WAN solutions. Benefits include:

SD-WAN empowers you to harness multiple connectivity options at a single site, optimising their use to precisely match your needs. This intelligent connectivity design aligns with your application requirements, leading to more efficient utilisation of site-to-site communications and improved application performance.
Leveraging comprehensive technology that encompasses a full enterprise security stack, such as next-generation firewalls, anti-malware solutions, intrusion prevention systems, and web filtering, ensures that regulatory requirements are upheld across connections and the network. This delivers a secure and consistent SD-WAN solution.
Our managed SD-WAN solution places performance as its cornerstone. With advanced routing capabilities and performance enhancements, you gain the ability to intelligently route critical applications over the highest-performing connections, ensuring top-notch performance.
SD-WAN inherently enhances resilience by harnessing multiple connections, thereby maximising your existing investments. The automated traffic switching across these connections ensures uninterrupted access and continuous service availability for end-users.
With managed SD-WAN, you can optimise your legacy connectivity investment and potentially decrease reliance on premium connectivity options. This approach guarantees performance while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of connectivity across your organisation.
SD-WAN streamlines on-site configuration and management of your WAN, granting you the capability to centrally monitor and control all sites. This centralised approach ensures that essential policies, like application performance and security, are automatically enforced across all locations.

Increasing agility with SD-WAN and MPLS

SD-WAN is enabling organisations to bring an agile mindset to their network strategy: it allows organisations to align network infrastructure with hybrid cloud adoption, quick deployment, merging new sites, and bringing international sites into a corporate WAN cost-effectively.

Discover how you can enhance your agility by integrating SD-WAN into your network and the benefits of creating a hybrid network infrastructure in this white paper.

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Managed SD-WAN capabilities

Here are just some of the features delivered by our managed SD-WAN service.

  • Optimised connectivity
  • Application prioritisation
  • Seamless fail-over
  • Centralised control & management
  • Flexibility to meet regulatory requirements
  • Application performance & security policy propagation
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and link performance
  • Enhanced reporting

Why choose Redcentric as your SD-WAN provider?

SD-WAN has the potential to deliver a range of operational and financial efficiencies. To make the most of what’s possible you still require a SD-WAN provider that can help you design the right secure WAN infrastructure, provide choice in connectivity and meticulously monitor and manage your environment.

At Redcentric we combine our expertise in SD-WAN with our unrivalled experience of connectivity, networking and security to deliver customer solutions that embrace what is possible and fully deliver on the outcomes that your business is looking for.

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While selecting the right SD-WAN solution for a specific implementation may require a few compromises, security should not be one of them. There are several options for combining SD-WAN networking and advanced security—but only one solution can truly be called Secure SD-WAN. Fortinet, the most trusted name in network security, has added best-of-breed SD-WAN capabilities to its industry-leading FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).

Frequently asked questions about SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area network, is an advanced network technology that overlays a virtual network on top of existing network connections to efficiently and securely connect users to applications. It achieves this by intelligently utilising various network connectivity options, allowing for enhanced performance and reliability in the delivery of network services and applications.

What is a managed SD-WAN service?

A managed SD-WAN service is a comprehensive solution provided by a managed network service provider. In this service, the provider offers the necessary hardware, software, and network connectivity for an organisation’s site locations. They also deliver a fully managed service, which includes continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure the prescribed uptime and performance levels, as defined in their service-level agreements (SLAs). This managed approach relieves the organisation from the operational responsibilities of configuring, monitoring, and maintaining their SD-WAN network, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while the provider takes care of the network management.

How does SD-WAN work with MPLS?

SD-WAN and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) can work together to provide a flexible and efficient network solution. Here’s how they typically function in a network setup:


  1. MPLS for Private Connectivity: MPLS is used for secure and dedicated private connectivity between an organisation’s sites. It’s a reliable and high-performance network technology, ideal for business-critical and sensitive applications such as telephony, databases, and financial systems. MPLS ensures that data between these sites is transferred securely and efficiently.


  1. SD-WAN for Internet and Cloud Access: In conjunction with MPLS, SD-WAN comes into play to manage network traffic that is destined for the internet or cloud services. It leverages both the MPLS connection and the additional internet connection. SD-WAN intelligently routes internet-bound traffic over the internet connection or an SD-WAN connection. This is typically more cost-effective and provides high performance for cloud-based services, web browsing, and applications like Microsoft 365 or services hosted in Azure.


By using this hybrid approach, organisations can balance the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of internet-based connections with the security and reliability of MPLS for critical internal applications. SD-WAN plays a pivotal role in dynamically routing traffic to optimise the user experience, making sure that each type of traffic takes the most appropriate route, whether that’s over the private MPLS network or the internet connection. This configuration allows organisations to make the most of their existing investments in MPLS while benefiting from the flexibility and cost savings that SD-WAN offers for cloud and internet traffic.

How does SD-WAN secure my network traffic?

SD-WAN has a centralised security policy management, built in NGFW (next-generation firewalls) and end-to-end encryption. SD-WAN secures your traffic between locations and to the internet by connecting packet sources with a secure tunnel that employs strong encryption.

Why do organisations need SD-WAN?

Traditional private MPLS/VPLS-based WANs were primarily designed for the pre-cloud era, and they may not be inherently suited to the dynamic and elastic nature of modern hybrid cloud applications. SD-WAN providers play a pivotal role in aligning organisations with the characteristics of the cloud, which include elasticity, dynamism, and software-defined attributes. SD-WAN solutions are specifically engineered to harmonise with cloud-based applications and systems, ensuring that network performance and flexibility are optimised to match the demands of the ever-evolving cloud landscape.



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