Adding intelligence and centralised security management to your Wide Area Network to deliver the best possible user experience.

SD-WAN Managed Services

Software-Defined Networking can enable your WAN to become more intelligent; routing traffic at each location directly to the service required and tailoring application access to deliver end-users the best possible experience.

As a leading Managed IT Service Provider in the UK we’re helping organisations to utilise our managed SD-WAN technology securely to optimise the performance of their wide area network and allowing them to gain the cost advantages and resilience inherent in this technology.

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While selecting the right SD-WAN solution for a specific implementation may require a few compromises, security should not be one of them. There are several options for combining SD-WAN networking and advanced security—but only one solution can truly be called Secure SD-WAN. Fortinet, the most trusted name in network security, has added best-of-breed SD-WAN capabilities to its industry-leading FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).

The advantage delivered by secure SD-WAN

Managed SD-WAN delivers a range of additional capabilities, beyond traditional WAN solutions. Benefits include:

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Smarter connectivity

SD-WAN enables you to utilise multiple connectivity options at a site to better meet your needs. Connectivity can be defined intelligently, in accordance with your application requirements; allowing for more efficient utilisation of site-to-site communications and application performance.

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Consistent security

By utilising technology that includes a full enterprise security stack (including next-generation firewalls, anti-malware, IPS and web-filtering) regulatory requirements can be maintained across both connections and the network, providing a secure SD-WAN solution.

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Increased performance

Performance is at the core of our managed SD-WAN offering. Advanced routing functions and performance enhancements allows you to direct critical applications over the best performing connections.

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Enhanced resilience

By utilising multiple connections, SD-WAN inherently delivers a greater level of resilience using your existing investments. Managing the automatic switching of traffic across existing connections, ensures uninterrupted access and service availability for end-users.

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Increased cost-efficiency

Get more out of your legacy connectivity investment, with the potential to reduce reliance on premium connectivity. This ensures performance while reducing the overall cost of connectivity across your organisation.

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Centralised control & management

SD-WAN reduces the amount of on-site configuration and management of your WAN; giving you the ability to monitor and control sites centrally and ensure key policies, such as application performance and security, are automatically propagated across all locations.

Having a different conversation about SD-WAN

SD-WAN is fundamentally changing the way we think about the Wide Area Network, in this blog we discuss the new conversations we are now able to have through the capabilities delivered by SD-WAN.

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Managed SD-WAN capabilities

Here are just some of the features delivered by our managed SD-WAN service.

  • Optimised connectivity
  • Application prioritisation
  • Seamless fail-over
  • Centralised control & management
  • Flexibility to meet regulatory requirements

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  • Application performance & security policy propagation
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and link performance
  • Enhanced reporting

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Why Redcentric for SD-WAN

SD-WAN has the potential to deliver a range of operational and financial efficiencies. To make the most of what’s possible you still require a SD-WAN provider that can help you design the right secure WAN infrastructure, provide choice in connectivity and meticulously monitor and manage your environment.

At Redcentric we combine our expertise in SD-WAN with our unrivalled experience of connectivity, networking and security to deliver customer solutions that embrace what is possible and fully deliver on the outcomes they are looking for.

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