Redcentric excels in combining vast experience and expertise to assist our customers in maximising their investment in technology through expert IT Professional Services.

On-premises IT solutions

We excel in providing specialised IT Professional Services consultancy to help our customers maximise their investment in IT. Our dedicated support spans every step of your technology journey – from aligning your IT roadmap with operational needs and priorities to guiding you in making informed procurement decisions. We ensure that your implementation projects run smoothly and quickly, allowing you to achieve optimal results.

Our team boasts professional IT expertise across the entire technology stack, derived from successfully delivering hundreds of projects for our valued customers. We take pride in our high flexibility, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering focus on your success in the realm of IT Professional Services. Partner with us to elevate your IT strategy and propel your business forward.


IT Consultancy

Helping you make the right IT Professional Service decisions and optimise your technology to deliver the operational outcomes you desire.

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Implementation Services

Taking the risk out of your IT Professional Service projects through meticulous management and professionally delivered implementation.

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Supply Chain Management

Professionally managing your IT procurement, simplifying vendor management and the deployment of new technology across your organisation.

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Maintenance & Support

We provide you with the benefit of having a single trusted partner to support and maintain your IT Professional Service and communications infrastructure.

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Overcome your on-premise challenges

Whether you’re aiming to refresh your network, deploy new applications, or enhance your communications, our expertise in IT Professional Services can assist you in crafting a comprehensive roadmap. This strategic plan is designed to not only maximise the return on your IT investment but also effectively overcome your unique challenges.

We specialise in offering tailored IT Professional Services to address your specific needs. Let us guide you through the process of creating a roadmap that aligns with your goals, ensuring a seamless and effective implementation of network upgrades, application deployments, and communication enhancements. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the complexities of IT, unlocking the full potential of your technology investments.

Simplifies procurement

Streamline your on-premises IT requirements by consolidating vendor relationships and leverage Redcentric’s extensive, long standing connections with best-of-breed vendors. Our IT Professional Services are dedicated to providing you with a centralised solution that reduces the complexity of managing multiple suppliers, ensuring efficiency and optimal outcomes for your organisation. Trust in our expertise to enhance your IT infrastructure and navigate vendor relationships seamlessly.


Reduces demand on getting staff with specific skills

At Redcentric, our team comprises a diverse range of engineers and consultants, each excelling in various technology specialisms. Through our comprehensive IT Professional Services, we guarantee that your organisation receives tailored skills and solutions precisely suited to your needs. This eliminates the need for hiring additional expertise, minimising overhead costs while ensuring top-notch solutions aligned with your requirements. Trust us to deliver unparalleled IT Professional Services, providing the expertise you need without the burden of unnecessary overhead.

Why Redcentric IaaS

Why Redcentric Implementation

Competitive prices through vendor accreditations

As dedicated technology partners boasting numerous accreditations, we are well-positioned to secure competitive prices for your in-house technology solutions. Our IT Professional Services leverage economies of scale purchasing and strong industry relationships, ensuring that you not only benefit from top-tier solutions but also enjoy cost-effective advantages. Trust Redcentric to be your strategic ally, delivering IT Professional Services that drive efficiency, innovation, and financial value for your organisation.


Tap into wider skills pool

Empower your organisation to implement solutions that align with your needs, irrespective of your internal skill set. Redcentric’s IT Professional Services are designed to support your organisation with a diverse range of skills, operating seamlessly as an extension of your business. With Redcentric as your trusted partner, access the expertise needed to deploy tailored solutions and navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape effectively.

Simplified project planning and execution

At Redcentric, our dedicated project managers play a central role in streamlining your planning and solutions, ensuring your projects stay on track. With our IT Professional Services, we aim to ease the burden of project management, allowing your valuable time to be focused on critical business value activities. Trust us to efficiently orchestrate your projects, so you can concentrate on driving the success of your business.


Increased control of project costs

Redcentric’s IT Professional Services empower you to meticulously plan and execute your projects within your allocated budget. Our skilled IT professional services managers comprehend every component of a successful IT implementation, ensuring precise control over your project costs. Partner with Redcentric to achieve cost-effective project management, allowing you to focus on achieving your business objectives without financial concerns.

Why Redcentric IT Consulting

Discuss your on-premise or IT project challenges with an expert

Some of our customer successes with IT professional services

We’ve been supporting organisations with their on-premise requirements and supporting them with on-going maintenance support of their critical infrastructure.

Leigh Academies Trust

Leigh Academies Trust had adopted a cloud strategy to provide flexibility and agility, which during Covid-19 helped enabled remote teaching and learning. 

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Ascot Racecourse

To support an improved experience for visitors and partners, Ascot needed their on-premise network infrastructure to cope with evolving demands.

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King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital needed to improve communication, network efficiency and patient care across demanding physical estate.

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At Redcentric, our IT Professional Services are crafted specifically for your unique requirements, ensuring a bespoke solution tailored to your organisation. Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your goals, followed by a detailed assessment of your existing IT infrastructure. We provide recommendations for optimisation and identify any gaps that require attention. From data sources to security and compliance, our design encompasses all the elements necessary to create a successful IT solution. Partner with Redcentric for comprehensive IT Professional Services designed to meet your specific needs and objectives.



Redcentric ensures you get the right hardware at the right price, sparing you the hassle of maintaining and managing multiple supplier relationships. As a part of our comprehensive IT Professional Services, we handle the sourcing and purchasing for your on-premises solutions. Benefit from our strong vendor partnerships, enabling access to hardware at competitive prices and direct expertise from industry leaders such as Cisco, Rukus, Fortinet, and Aruba. Choose Redcentric for a seamless IT procurement experience and maximise the value of our IT Professional Services.


At Redcentric, ensure the professional and reliable installation of your hardware. Our IT Professional Services team comprises a pool of highly trained engineers and installers dedicated to providing reduced risk implementation and swift deployment of your chosen solution. We operate efficiently, adhering to a set of best practice processes, fully project-managed to ensure a seamless and smooth operation. Trust Redcentric for expert IT Professional Services to elevate the installation and deployment of your hardware solutions.


At Redcentric, enjoy peace of mind for your on-premises solutions with the assurance of a professional and reliable support team. Our dedicated support ensures remote assistance and provides you with a direct line to an engineer whenever needed. All our support contracts are underpinned by SLAs, guaranteeing that your systems and hardware receive consistent and reliable support. Choose Redcentric for top-tier IT Professional Services and safeguard the performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

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We got what we needed as a result of in-depth consultation from the Redcentric team. On other comparable sites you just see one or maybe two aspects of what we have been able to deploy in full through having built such a solid foundation with Redcentric.

Why trust Redcentric to deliver your IT security solutions

  • 20 years of experience in design and consultancy
  • Project managed installation delivered by our in-house professional services team
  • 24/7 maintenance and support delivered through the Redcentric UK helpdesk
  • Supply of hardware at competitive prices
  • Available through public sector frameworks


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