Protecting every part of your organisation while enabling your end-users to securely access  the systems and data they need.

Business cyber security solutions

Our goal is to protect your IT infrastructure, and your organisation. To ensure your end-users can access the data and applications they need and to create an environment where you can grow and innovate with confidence.

We do this by deploying the appropriate IT security solutions across every part of your environment; from on-premises IT to the cloud, across local and wide area networks and through to end-points. Management is made simple with a ‘single pane of glass’ approach to holistically monitor your security – providing the ability to quickly identify, isolate and remediate threats.


Network Security

Protecting your network, on-premises and in the cloud, with next-generation firewalls.

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Application Security

Securing your web-based applications, assuring availability and productivity.

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Access Management

Delivering secure and effortless access to critical infrastructure, applications and data.

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DDoS Mitigation

Maintaining the availability of web-facing services in the event of a DDoS attack.

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Security Monitoring & Analytics

Providing a ‘single pane of glass’ for your IT infrastructure, enabling you to deliver a more secure environment.

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I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Overcome your IT security challenges

Secure yourself at the edge, on-premise and on your devices allowing you to protect data and reputation, as well as the availability of your systems. Here are some ways that cyber-security solutions can support your compliance and customer assurances with the security of your systems:

Maintaining integrity and privacy

Your mission-critical data and applications need to be protected by suitable perimeter and end-point protection. We can help to redefine the borders of your network, identifying each and every access point and ensuring these are protected.

Gain control of data points

Create a ‘single pane of glass’ view to monitor the security of your infrastructure leveraging many data points to analyse and contextualise the security of your estate.

Brand protection

Preserve both your organisational reputation and business revenues by putting in place the IT security to protect yourself from a data breach or successful cyberattack.

Why Redcentric for Security Monitoring & Analytics

Safeguard your organisation

Understand the risks and how to protect your data from vulnerabilities. Ensure a secure data flow through your applications to your user end-points. Protect your website, email, mobile and business applications, and associated data, that reside on infrastructure that is outside of your direct control to minimise future risk.

Support compliance and regulatory requirements

Maintain data governance and protection against cyber threats. Operate IT security to the best practice standards supporting your compliance and regulatory requirements while providing assurances to your customers and end users.

Discuss your IT security challenges with an expert

Some of our customer successes with IT security

We’ve been supporting organisations to overcome their cyber-security challenges, achieve their requirements and drive success.


By strengthening their SaaS proposition on a reliable IaaS platform, BigHand has can meet their customer security assurances and deployment timescales.

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Needing to meet RTO and IT security peace of mind for customers, Proactis chose a private IaaS cloud solution to meet their customer needs.

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Cumberland Building Society

When looking to upgrade their existing network, Cumberland Building Society were looking to improve network performance and meet stringent data security regulations.

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Align your solution to your needs. Do you need to protect against threats and vulnerabilities or have compliance and regulatory requirements you need to meet? Or do you need to re-evaluate a reactive solution put in place that you wish to keep long-term with security in mind? We get to understand your IT security challenges, industry pressures and objectives to get an understanding about your organisation.


Aligning your infrastructure and systems to your objectives. Get a better understanding of the security threat vectors on your digital ecosystem with an analysis of your network, systems and applications so we can base your security design on a security solution that meets your requirements.


Tailored to your requirements, based on an in-depth insight of your business. Your IT security solution could be made up of various aspects including network and access control, cybersecurity (threat and response solutions like anti-virus), cloud security (access and authentication) and monitoring to ensure you’re aware of future threats.


Feel reassured that your IT security is implemented by experts. Our team can either integrate security at the heart of your managed solution from Redcentric or create you a stand-alone security solution with hardware and software.


Protect your digital ecosystem with on-going detection and prevention managing. Taking a holistic approach to monitoring and analysing security events means any potential issues can be identified faster, and by being able to see the whole picture, it’s easier to quickly establish the root cause for effective and timely remediation. Protect your digital ecosystem from upcoming threats knowing that our account managers work with you on your IT security solutions to ensure optimal running.

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As the cloud has matured, our customers demands and expectations have matched this progression. We needed an infrastructure that could guarantee a return to operation quickly, delivering the additional recovery and security we required. I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Why trust Redcentric to deliver your IT security solutions

  • 20 years of experience in managed services with security at the heart of our designs
  • 24/7 monitoring and support delivered through the Redcentric Harrogate helpdesk
  • Available through public sector frameworks
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution
  • Dual 24/7 operation centres


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