Operate with peace of mind, knowing that your cyber security is robust and your operations remain seamless and protected.

Business cyber security solutions

Our prime objective revolves around safeguarding your business cyber security solutions and, consequently, your entire IT infrastructure and organisation. We are dedicated to ensuring seamless access to crucial data and applications for your end-users, fostering an environment in which you can foster growth and innovation with unwavering confidence.

We achieve this by strategically implementing tailored business cyber security solutions across every facet of your operational landscape. This spans from your on-premises IT framework to the expanse of the cloud, encompassing local and wide area networks, and extending all the way to end-points. Streamlined management becomes a reality through our ‘single pane of glass’ approach, enabling comprehensive security monitoring. This approach empowers you to swiftly detect, isolate, and address potential threats, thereby reinforcing your cyber defence posture.


Network Security

Enhancing your network security, whether on-premises or in the cloud, through the implementation of next-generation firewalls.

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Application Security

Prioritising robust application security to safeguard your web-based applications, guaranteeing their availability and fostering uninterrupted productivity.

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Access Management

Providing secure and seamless access to vital infrastructure, applications, and data through effective Access Management.

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DDoS Mitigation

Sustaining the availability of web-facing services during a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

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Security Monitoring & Analytics

Offering a consolidated 'single pane of glass' for overseeing your IT infrastructure, empowering you to create a more secure environment through comprehensive Security Monitoring & Analytics.

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I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Overcome your IT security challenges

Implement strong cyber security measures at the edge, on-premises, and across your devices, allowing you to protect both data and reputation, while also ensuring continuous system availability. Here are numerous ways in which cyber security services can enhance your compliance initiatives and offer customers reassurance concerning the security of your systems:

Maintaining integrity and privacy

Delivering dedicated cyber security services to safeguard your mission-critical data and applications entails the essential deployment of perimeter and end-point protection. Our expertise lies in redefining the boundaries of your network. We meticulously identify and secure each access point, ensuring their comprehensive protection through our robust cyber security services.

Gain control of data points

Establish a unified ‘single pane of glass’ viewpoint to monitor the security of your infrastructure, utilising a multitude of data points to analyse and offer context for the cyber security of your entire estate through our advanced cyber security services.

Brand protection

Secure both your organisational reputation and business revenues by establishing comprehensive IT security measures to shield yourself from potential data breaches or successful cyber attacks.

Why Redcentric for Security Monitoring & Analytics

Safeguard your organisation

Comprehend the risks and learn how to shield your data from vulnerabilities. Guarantee a secure data flow from your applications to user end-points. Safeguard your website, email, mobile and business applications, as well as the associated data residing on infrastructure beyond your direct control, in order to mitigate potential future risks.

Support compliance and regulatory requirements

Uphold data governance and fortify defence against cyber threats. Adhere to IT security best practice standards that uphold your compliance and regulatory mandates, while also offering reassurances to your customers and end users.

Discuss your IT security challenges with an expert

Some of our customer successes with IT security

We have been assisting organisations in overcoming their cyber security challenges, meeting their requirements, and driving their success.


By enhancing their Software as a Service (SaaS) offering on a dependable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, BigHand has the capability to fulfil their customer security commitments and deployment schedules.

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In order to satisfy RTO and provide customers with a sense of IT security assurance, Proactis opted for a private IaaS cloud solution to meet their customer requirements.

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Cumberland Building Society

While seeking to upgrade their current network, Cumberland Building Society aimed to enhance network performance and adhere to rigorous data security regulations.

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Tailor your solution to match your specific needs. Are you seeking protection against threats and vulnerabilities, or must you fulfil compliance and regulatory mandates? Alternatively, perhaps you intend to re-evaluate a previously reactive solution, aiming for a long-term approach with cyber security as a priority. We take the time to comprehend your IT security challenges, industry dynamics, and goals to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation.


Harmonising your infrastructure and systems with your objectives. Attain a deeper comprehension of the cyber security threat vectors within your digital ecosystem through an analysis of your network, systems, and applications. This analysis forms the foundation for designing an IT security solution that precisely aligns with your needs.


Customised to your specific needs, leveraging a comprehensive understanding of your business. Your IT security solution may encompass diverse elements, such as network and access control, cyber security (including threat and response solutions like anti-virus), cloud security (involving access and authentication), and monitoring to proactively address upcoming threats.


Find comfort in the fact that our team of experts handles your IT security implementation. Whether it’s integrating security at the core of your managed solution from Redcentric or crafting a dedicated stand-alone cyber security solution complete with hardware and software, we’ve got you covered.


Safeguard your digital ecosystem through continuous detection and prevention management. Our holistic approach to monitoring and analysing cyber security events ensures swift identification of potential issues. By having a comprehensive view, pinpointing the root cause for effective and timely remediation becomes more straightforward. Shield your digital ecosystem against imminent threats, confident in the knowledge that our account managers collaborate with you on your IT security solutions to ensure seamless operations.

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As the cloud has matured, our customers demands and expectations have matched this progression. We needed an infrastructure that could guarantee a return to operation quickly, delivering the additional recovery and security we required. I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Why trust Redcentric to deliver your IT security solutions

  • 20 years of experience in managed services with security at the heart of our designs
  • 24/7 monitoring and support delivered through the Redcentric Harrogate helpdesk
  • Available through public sector frameworks
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution
  • Dual 24/7 operation centres


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