A fully managed WAN network you can rely on; seamlessly connecting your people, places and processes.

Managed WAN Provider

We help you to securely and reliably connect every part of your organisation with Wide Area Network (WAN) services that are expertly designed, built, delivered and meticulously managed to meet your business needs.

For example, our managed WAN services ensure leading retailers can respond to significant peaks in demand; local authorities can seamlessly connect all of their services; and healthcare providers can support clinicians to securely access vital information wherever and whenever they need it.

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Transforming our WAN environment has given us the security, availability and quality we need at the heart of our business to support our future ambitions. We can now push on with getting in to the vanguard of innovation.

A managed WAN provider you can rely on

Our experience in wide area networking offers our customers significant benefits, including:

WAN Improved Performance

Improved performance

Our managed WAN services are architected for your specific needs, delivering the performance you require utilising Quality of Service, layered services and security. Our team of experts proactively monitor your network 24×7, ensuring the availability and performance of your WAN service.

WAN reduced costs

Reduced TCO

Our buying power enables us to pass on economies of scale; allowing you to reduce the cost of your WAN infrastructure and benefit from the service levels you require at a predictable, lower ongoing cost.

Future proofing your WAN

A future proof solution

When designing your managed WAN, we not only consider what you need today, but what you will need for tomorrow. This allows us to take advantage of technology advances as they happen, whilst building in the flexibility to accommodate changing requirements.

WAN Business Continuity

Business continuity

Our managed WAN service leverages our resilient MPLS core network, ensuring our customers benefit from maximum availability. Multiple connections and failover ensure continuity of service to critical sites.

WAN protection

Protecting corporate intellectual property

As a WAN provider, we operate some of the most secure wide area networks in the UK, for both government departments and healthcare providers. This experience allows us to offer managed WAN services to the commercial sector that are secure by design.

WAN Scalable and Agile

Scalable & agile

Whether you need to add a new site or increase capacity to an existing location, our comprehensive range of connectivity solutions ensure we can quickly respond to your needs.

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What are Managed WAN services?

Managed WAN services are defined as the outsourcing of a wide area network. Typically a managed WAN service will support you through the full lifecycle of your network requirements from scoping out requirements, design, deployment and on-going support including monitoring, reporting and security of your network.

Take control of your network with WAN Insight

Gain a real-time overview of your network performance with WAN Insight, our customer monitoring dashboard, providing enhanced visibility on the performance, availability and resource use of your corporate WAN. Within your managed WAN environment you can instantly: identify any issues in different graphical locations; pinpoint heavy traffic areas within your WAN; check for irregular spikes in data in different time periods; and review your WAN performance as part of on-going capacity management planning.

Information is power – WAN Insight is all about keeping you in control of your network: monitoring performance, detecting issues and optimising architecture – integral to an assured, reliable service.

Delivering success with managed WAN

Explore how Redcentric supports Cumberland Building Society with a managed, future proof network infrastructure; designed to scale and flex to changing business needs.

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Managed WAN capabilities

We provide a fully Managed WAN service that is tailored to your specific needs, including:

From planning the most suitable connectivity options for your requirements and budget through to day-to-day monitoring and management, our managed WAN service takes the responsibility and time away from your internal IT teams, allowing you to focus on value driving activities.

Meet your current and future network capacity demands by having a designed WAN network that is suited to your SLAs, individual site requirements and the types of traffic that goes over your network.

Ensure you have the right network connectivity for each of your site locations, meeting their required capacity and cost requirements. We can support you with a wide range of connectivity options including:

  • ADSL
  • Ethernet
  • Leased line
  • SD-WAN
  • FTTC
  • GEAoE
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet first mile

Our managed WAN services are underpinned by a comprehensive support, monitoring and management package, which includes 24/365 monitoring of all hardware, software and network elements by our internal Operation Centre (NOC) team. These include:

  • Event reporting and analysis
  • Response to systems alerts
  • Customer notification of systems alerts

Have the SLAs and connectivity to match your WAN requirements. Each of our connectivity options have different SLAs, and we take this into consideration when we design your WAN service. Our SLAs lay out the service and management standards and metrics against which your service will be measured.

See performance and usage information of your managed WAN solution at a glance covering key aspects of your service including:

  • Status of open tickets
  • Storage utilisation and trending information
  • Online access to billing data
  • Enterprise class reporting and management suite

Why Redcentric for managed WAN

With Redcentric, you not only gain a provider that can meticulously manage your Wide Area Network, but who fully controls the connectivity that delivers your WAN services.

Our experienced teams manage some of the largest and most secure networks in the UK, delivering proactive management and assured environments that organisations rely on day in, day out because of our:

  • National 100Gb MPLS network
  • Dual 24/7 network operation centres
  • Managed networks 24/7/365
  • 20 years of experience managing mission-critical networks
  • Proven track record in public sector infrastructure

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