A fully managed WAN (wide area network) you can rely on; seamlessly connecting your people, locations and processes.

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Managed WAN Provider

As your Managed WAN Provider, we specialise in establishing secure and dependable connections throughout your entire organisation via Wide Area Network (WAN) services. Our solutions are thoughtfully crafted, meticulously delivered, and expertly managed to align with your unique business requirements.

For instance, our managed WAN services empower leading retailers to respond effectively to surges in demand, enable local authorities to seamlessly link all their services, and assist healthcare providers in facilitating secure access to critical information for clinicians, regardless of time or location.

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Transforming our WAN environment has given us the security, availability and quality we need at the heart of our business to support our future ambitions. We can now push on with getting in to the vanguard of innovation.

A managed WAN provider you can rely on

Our experience in wide area networking offers our customers significant benefits, including:

Our tailored managed WAN services are purpose-built to cater to your distinct requirements, providing the precise performance you demand through Quality of Service, layered services, and top-tier security. Our team of experts maintains round-the-clock vigilance, proactively monitoring your network to guarantee both the availability and the exceptional performance of your WAN service.
Our substantial buying influence empowers us to extend the advantages of economies of scale to you. This means you can curtail the expenses associated with your WAN infrastructure while still enjoying the precise service levels you need, all at a foreseeable and diminished long-term cost.
In the design of your managed WAN, we don’t just focus on your current requirements, but also anticipate your needs for the future. This approach enables us to harness technological advancements as they unfold, all while integrating flexibility to adapt to evolving demands.
Our managed WAN service is built on the foundation of our robust MPLS core network, guaranteeing our clients the highest level of availability. Multiple connections and failover mechanisms are in place to secure uninterrupted service to critical sites, safeguarding your business continuity.
As a leading WAN provider, we manage some of the most secure wide area networks in the UK, catering to government departments and healthcare providers. This extensive experience positions us to offer commercial sectors secure-by-design managed WAN services that prioritise the protection of your corporate intellectual property.
Whether you’re looking to incorporate a new site or boost capacity at an existing location, our versatile array of connectivity solutions empowers us to swiftly adapt to your evolving requirements.

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What are Managed WAN services?

Managed WAN services refer to the delegation of the management and operation of a wide area network (WAN) to a specialised service provider. These services encompass a comprehensive spectrum of activities related to your network infrastructure. They often include services such as:

  1. Requirements Assessment: Collaborating with you to understand your specific network needs, both current and future.
  2. Network Design: Creating a network design that aligns with your requirements and objectives.
  3. Deployment: Implementing the designed network, including hardware and software configurations, and establishing the network’s physical and logical components.
  4. Ongoing Support: Providing continuous support, including troubleshooting, maintenance, and helpdesk services.
  5. Monitoring: Constantly overseeing the network’s performance, including tracking traffic, identifying issues, and ensuring uptime.
  6. Reporting: Generating and delivering reports on network performance, outages, and other relevant metrics.
  7. Security: Implementing security measures to protect the network from threats and vulnerabilities, often including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption.

Managed WAN services aim to enhance network efficiency, reduce operational overhead, and improve overall network performance while allowing your organisation to focus on its core activities. These services are tailored to meet your specific business requirements and can adapt to changes in your network needs over time.

Take control of your network with WAN Insight

Elevate your network management with WAN Insight, our customer monitoring dashboard that provides real-time visibility into the performance, availability, and resource utilisation of your corporate WAN. Within your managed WAN environment, you can swiftly:


  1. Identify Issues: Get an instant, graphical overview of problem areas across different network locations.
  2. Analyse Traffic: Pinpoint high-traffic zones within your WAN.
  3. Track Data Spikes: Keep an eye on irregular data spikes during various time intervals.
  4. Plan Capacity: Review WAN performance as part of your ongoing capacity management strategy.

Information is Power: WAN Insight empowers you to take control of your network by monitoring performance, detecting issues, and optimising your network architecture. This is vital to ensuring a reliable, guaranteed service.

Delivering success with managed WAN

Discover how Redcentric partners with Cumberland Building Society to provide a managed, future-proof network infrastructure. Our solution is meticulously designed to adapt and expand in alignment with changing business requirements, ensuring the foundation for your success.

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Managed WAN capabilities

We provide a fully Managed WAN service that is tailored to your specific needs, including:

Our managed WAN service covers the full spectrum of your network needs. Starting from the planning phase, where we meticulously assess the most suitable connectivity options tailored to your requirements and budget, all the way to continuous day-to-day monitoring and management. This service takes the burden off your internal IT teams, freeing them to concentrate on high-value, strategic activities that drive your business forward.

Satisfy both your present and future network capacity needs by implementing a meticulously designed WAN network. This network is custom-tailored to match your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the unique requirements of individual sites, and the specific types of traffic traversing your network. It’s the key to optimised performance that aligns with your evolving demands.

Ensure you have the right network connectivity for each of your site locations, meeting their required capacity and cost requirements. We can support you with a wide range of connectivity options including:

  • ADSL
  • Ethernet
  • Leased line
  • SD-WAN
  • FTTC
  • GEAoE
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet first mile

Our managed WAN services are underpinned by a comprehensive support, monitoring and management package, which includes 24/365 monitoring of all hardware, software and network elements by our internal Operation Centre (NOC) team. These include:

  • Event reporting and analysis
  • Response to systems alerts
  • Customer notification of systems alerts

We provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and connectivity options that align precisely with your WAN requirements. Our approach takes into account the varying SLAs associated with each of our connectivity options, ensuring that your WAN service is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs. Our SLAs establish clear service and management standards, defining the metrics by which the quality and performance of your service will be evaluated.

See performance and usage information of your managed WAN solution at a glance covering key aspects of your service including:

  • Status of open tickets
  • Storage utilisation and trending information
  • Online access to billing data
  • Enterprise class reporting and management suite

Why Redcentric for managed WAN

With Redcentric, you not only gain a provider that can meticulously manage your Wide Area Network, but who fully controls the connectivity that delivers your WAN services.

Our experienced teams manage some of the largest and most secure networks in the UK, delivering proactive management and assured environments that organisations rely on day in, day out because of our:

  • National 100Gb MPLS network
  • Dual 24/7 network operation centres
  • Managed networks 24/7/365
  • 20 years of experience managing mission-critical networks
  • Proven track record in public sector infrastructure

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