By prioritising effective communication channels and fostering a culture of collaboration, we aim to elevate your organisational dynamics, making a positive impact on both internal processes and external interactions.

Communication and collaboration tools helping your business communicate effectively

At the core of every thriving organisation lies effective communication. It serves as the linchpin for collaboration among your team members, bridges the gap in a geographically dispersed workforce, and serves as the conduit for delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Our mission is to empower you in leveraging the complete benefits of contemporary business communication tools. From desktop solutions to mobile interfaces, and from remote offices to the boardroom, we facilitate a seamless integration. Our approach centres on enabling smarter working practices, thereby enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce. This transformation not only fortifies your internal operations but also positions you as highly responsive to the evolving needs of your customers. Our dedicated focus on Communication and Collaboration ensures that your organisation excels in fostering meaningful connections and delivering unparalleled experiences.


Hosted IP telephony

Adapt your business communications through IP telephony, enabling scalable and flexible solutions to bolster call routing and incorporate advanced communication features.

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Unified Communications

Seamless communications across diverse devices, streamlining interactions with the ease of instant messaging, video, and web-based conferencing. Our commitment to Unified Communications ensures a cohesive integration of these technologies, fostering effortless and efficient communication experiences for your team and clients alike.

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Centralise your communications to cultivate a uniform customer experience across various channels, encompassing web chat, email, social media, SMS, WhatsApp, and calls. Our dedication to Omni-channel optimisation ensures a cohesive strategy, promoting seamless interactions and delivering a unified experience for your customers across diverse communication platforms.

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SIP Trunks

Maximise the utility of your current investments while transitioning toward scalable cloud telephony functionality. Our focus on SIP Trunks facilitates a seamless integration, empowering your communication infrastructure with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

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Call recording

Enhance customer experience by transforming call recording data into actionable insights. Gain a deeper understanding of your callers, expedite information retrieval, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Our emphasis on Call Recording ensures a strategic approach to leveraging valuable data for refining and optimising your communication processes.

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Call reporting

Deepen your insight into your organisation's performance and processes through features like smart missed call reports, call handling analysis, and team performance charts. Our focus on Call Reporting empowers you with comprehensive tools to assess and optimise various aspects of your communication strategy, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

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Overcome your communication challenges

Empower your teams for heightened productivity through enhanced collaboration, responsiveness, and increased availability for your customers. Explore the myriad ways in which communication solutions can bolster your efficiency, enabling you to work smarter and achieve optimal results.

Deliver projects quicker

Empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly and expedite project delivery. Features such as real-time co-authoring of documents, instant messaging (IM), video, and voice functionalities simplify the sharing of knowledge and experiences among users, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


Enhance business continuity

Redirect or empower your employees to have identical numbers and functionalities as a softphone on both their desktop and mobile devices. Craft a customised voice business continuity plan to fortify your communications, ensuring seamless operation regardless of the situation or location from which your teams need to work. This strategic approach guarantees a robust and consistent communication infrastructure, optimising accessibility and functionality.

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Why Redcentric Call Recording

Agile working

Facilitate remote and home working, ensuring accessibility for your customers to connect with the right person regardless of their location. Your employees can enjoy a multitude of economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Our focus on communication empowers your organisation to embrace flexible work arrangements, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and positive societal impact.

Understand your customers better

Reveal invaluable insights and enact automated actions by analysing your call recording data. This not only saves time but also boosts efficiency, facilitating rapid decision-making and proactive measures to ensure customer satisfaction and risk mitigation. Our commitment to communication underscores the intelligent utilisation of data, optimising your processes for superior outcomes.

More accessible to customers

Facilitate seamless connections for your customers to reach the appropriate department with our call routing functionality using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This intuitive system provides callers with an effortless and frictionless route, enhancing their overall customer experience. Our commitment to communication ensures streamlined processes, optimising accessibility for your clientele.


Align resources to peak call periods

Gain deeper insights into the performance of your communication processes and discover optimisation opportunities to elevate your customer experience. Monitor call traffic, agent activity, peak call times, and days of highest call volume. This comprehensive view enables you to strategically adjust staffing levels as needed, ensuring responsiveness and efficiency. Our dedication to communication empowers you with the tools to fine-tune your operations for an enhanced customer experience.

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Some of our customer successes with communications

We’ve been supporting organisations to overcome challenges, achieve their requirements and drive success.

Howdens Joinery

Taking over 40,000 calls every day, Howdens needed a communication solution to enable remote staff and keep a high-level of customer service.

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Barker and Stonehouse

Barker & Stonehouse gained cost savings and increased network and IP telephony performance by consolidating to a single provider.

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Thompsons Solicitors

Faced with a complex legacy PBX system, Thompson Solicitors needed a communications solution to enable company growth with centralised, integrated system.

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How we work with you


We initiate the process by comprehensively understanding the specific call functionality requirements of your business. Whether it’s enhancing customer experience through more efficient call handling or empowering your employees to collaborate seamlessly using advanced collaboration tools, our focus on communication ensures tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of your organisation.


Establishing intelligent workflows as the foundation of your communication solution, we meticulously assess your existing hardware, processes, and call flows to introduce efficiencies. In the design phase, we conduct a comprehensive review of your current infrastructure and any pre-existing business systems that require integration. Through user trials, we guarantee the implementation of the right solution, supporting high adoption rates and user-friendly interfaces to enhance overall communication effectiveness. Our commitment to communication ensures a solution tailored to the unique needs of your business.


Every migration we undertake is meticulously planned, with numbers seamlessly ported to their respective users, and call flows strategically routed to meet your specific requirements. This meticulous approach is designed to minimise any potential impact on your day-to-day business communications, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted connectivity. Our focus on communication guarantees a seamless and efficient migration process tailored to your business needs.


Ensure effective communication both now and in the future with our ongoing management. Our service managers are dedicated to optimising your business communication solution, conducting regular reviews that encompass:

  • Utilisation of communication tools by your team
  • Full utilisation of all functionalities by every user
  • Identification of actions supported by call insight data for continuous efficiency improvements
  • Seamless addition of new users or setup of additional locations
  • Strategies for enabling remote workers
  • Progress tracking against your communication and customer experience objectives

Our focus on communication ensures that your business stays ahead, evolving with the dynamic landscape of effective and future-proof communication solutions

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The telephony services we have are absolutely critical. If you have poor communications, call quality, and lines that don't work, then we'd lose reputation and business wouldn’t get done. We don't have to worry about any of that with Redcentric.

Why trust Redcentric to deliver your business communication solution

  • An independent provider with carrier-grade communication platforms
  • Our dual 24/7 operation centres assuring your availability
  • Range of communication systems to grow at your own pace
  • Expertise in Cisco and Microsoft technologies allowing us to advice the best route for you
  • 20 years of experience providing managed services
  • A tailored voice, business continuity plan to support your communications in disaster-based scenarios
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution




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