Unified Communications brings together voice, instant messaging, video, and document collaboration in a single platform, seamlessly integrating communication into the fabric of your work environment.

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Enhance operational efficiencies and foster more impactful engagements with customers, partners, and suppliers by extending communications beyond the traditional desk phone. Unified Communications facilitates productive interactions through instant messaging, enhances collaboration with video-based huddles, and ensures greater mobility.

Our cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) simplifies the adoption of unified comms, providing rich collaboration capabilities to all users, irrespective of their location. Seamlessly integrating communication tools, we empower your organisation to leverage the benefits of unified communications for enhanced productivity and connectivity.

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Redcentric’s high-availability network, carrying both voice and data, together with its Unified Communications service enables rapid communication between locations and has helped improve patient management and care.

Create smarter working benefits with unified communications

You can transform the way your people communicate through our Unified Communications service, delivering key benefits across your whole organisation including:

Fostering collaboration and accessibility, Unified Communications allows teams to connect seamlessly through messages, calls, or instant video meetings. This integrated approach enhances communication across teams, functions, and with customers, promoting a more unified and efficient collaboration.

Empower your workforce’s productivity by providing them with the tools they need. With Unified Communications, your team can easily check the availability of colleagues before making a call. When out of the office, calls are seamlessly forwarded to their mobile devices, simplifying communication. A single inbox further streamlines life, making it more efficient for your team.

Experience the ease of mobile working with Unified Communications, where communication seamlessly reaches end-users on their device of choice, whether at a fixed desk or on the move. Enjoy the same level of accessibility and efficiency regardless of location.

Build a unified, interconnected organisation. With your Unified Communications delivered from the cloud, location becomes irrelevant. Seamlessly connect every site, remote worker, and individuals on the move through a single, cohesive service.

Enhance customer accessibility and responsiveness with Unified Communications, ensuring faster connections to the right individuals. This capability makes your organisation more accessible, responsive, and aligns with the expectations and deserving experience of your customers.
Eliminate capital expenditures and lower the overall cost of ownership by leveraging the flexibility to scale users as needed. Pay for the services you consume, ensuring a cost-effective approach to Unified Communications.

Unified communications & collaboration

This white paper explores the tipping point in end-user demand and business benefits that are driving organisations to adopt Unified Communications, showing how consuming UC as a Service (UCaaS) on a per seat, per month OPEX model can bring further business efficiencies.

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Unified communications as a service features

Our cloud-based unified communications service delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that include:

  • Presence
  • Instant messaging / persistent chat
  • Unified inbox
  • IP telephony
  • Softphone
  • Mobile convergence
  • Desktop integration
  • Voice & video conferencing
  • CRM integration
  • Document sharing

Using Cisco Webex calls within Microsoft Teams

With the introduction of Webex cross-launch for Microsoft Teams, you could enable calling functionality within your Microsoft Teams environment, using your existing Webex calling facility to support your unified communications approach. Provide your employees with a centralised communication platform, supporting their productivity and engagement.

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Why Redcentric UC as a Service

We focus on your needs and provide you with a a solution that delivers the positive outcomes that you are looking for. You can select our multi-tenanted platform that provides you with the full range of UC capabilities configured to your needs or a dedicated platform that can be highly tailored to your organisation.

With both solutions, you gain the peace of mind of having unified communications across your organisation that are securely hosted, highly resilient and fully managed by our team of specialists 24/7.

How can UCaaS make a difference for you?

The best way to explore the positive impact that unified communication can have on your organisation is to speak to one of our specialists. Simply complete the form and we will connect you with one of our experts.

Unified communications

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