Drive value from your wireless LAN environments. Keep your people connected and gain valuable insights from your guest wireless access.

Managed Wireless (WLAN) Networks

Your wireless LAN (WLAN) is as important component of your IT infrastructure. It connects your people to the applications and data they need to be productive; it allows for greater mobility and can provide welcomed guest access to your customers and partners.

As one of the UK’s leading managed services providers we help our customers to design, deploy and manage their wireless LAN networks; connecting static devices, delivering exceptional wireless access and enabling them to gain valuable insights from guest access.

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The power of the network provided by Redcentric and Purple help PizzaExpress delight over 31.5 million customers a year.

Create smarter working efficiencies with managed WLAN

A fully managed wireless LAN service from Redcentric can deliver a wide range of benefits, including:

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Increased performance & reliability

By ensuring you have the appropriate WLAN infrastructure, we remove performance issues and create stability across your site networks; providing end-users with reliable access to the systems and data they require.

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Enable mobility

Our experts design and deploy a wireless LAN network that reaches every corner of your site, providing greater flexibility and mobility. This allows your people to use the applications they need wherever they are working.

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Increased agility

A flexible and adaptive WLAN accommodates hot desking or the temporary huddling of teams for collaboration projects. At the same time, you can retain the flexibility to relocate people and equipment in response to changing needs.

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Greater security

By creating a wireless LAN infrastructure that is secure, we remove many of the security risks to your organisation; ensuring the right security posture for every user and device accessing your network.

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Simplified guest access

Protect the integrity of your internal systems whilst offering site visitors secure guest wireless access. We can provide resilient, secure and easy to access guest WiFi for public and private sector sites; enhancing the user experience.

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Actionable intelligence

Gain valuable insights into network usage; from the varying demands of your end-users through to detailed analytics on movement and footfall of those customers utilising your guest WiFi.

“On other comparable sites you just see one or maybe two aspects of what we have been able to deploy in full through having built such a solid foundation with Redcentric.”

Take a look at how we achieved this for Ascot Racecourse.

Discover how

Managed wireless LAN capabilities

We help our customers deploy advanced WiFi and Wireless LAN capabilities across their sites, including:

  • Wireless access points
  • Network security
  • Guest wireless access
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Network visibility & analytics

Why Redcentric for wireless LAN networking

Redcentric has a long-established heritage in the design, deployment and management of networks. We manage some of the largest, most secure and highly critical WLAN infrastructures in the UK for national and local government, healthcare providers and the commercial sector.

Our expertise in WLAN solutions allows us to design a network that is tailored to your specific needs. Our 24/7 UK network operations centre assures your network continues to perform every day, proactively optimising the infrastructure to meet changing demands.

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