Reduce the risk of security threats. Gain insight into and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities from an intuitive, feature-rich management console.

Endpoint security management

Reduce threats and management burden. Manage and identify vulnerabilities on your software and hardware inventory more easily with an intuitive dashboard giving you instant visibility of your IT estate and any active threats.

Simplify the deployment, configuration, and management tasks with advanced integration and automation. Our active cybersecurity protection works in real-time to carry out scanning of your workloads. It identifies vulnerabilities, protecting your endpoints and remediating active threats from a centralised console.

Attacks have increased 400% since the start of the pandemic as hackers are aiming to exploit the increased number of remote workers

Enable greater protection of your endpoints

Endpoint protection management gives you the insight into vulnerabilities and the tool to help remediate them. Benefits include:

Centralised endpoint security dashboard

Centralised dashboard

Gain group management of your workloads and hardware inventory within an innovative dashboard to increase visibility across your IT infrastructure.

endpoint security support

Remote desktop support and assistance

Enabling remote desktop and remote assistance capabilities, providing quicker remediation and live support to your end users, regardless of their location.

Vulnerability Tracking endpoint security

Vulnerability tracking

Gain insights into both operating system and application vulnerabilities measured against CVE standards.

Automated alerts for endpoint security

Automated alerts to save time

Global threat monitoring and smart alerts provide rapid early warning of threats across your endpoints giving you advanced warning of zero-day vulnerabilities, allowing you to take proactive action.

endpoint security patching

Patch with ease

Deploy both OS and application patching for your desktop devices from the dashboard to enhance your endpoint protection.

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Endpoint security management capabilities

The endpoint protection service from Redcentric features:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Anti-ransomware protection
  • Antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • Group management of devices
  • Remote desktop and remote assistance
  • Hardware inventory
  • Centralised plans management
  • Dashboards and reports

Why Redcentric for endpoint security

Our security professionals work with you to set up your IT systems on our endpoint protection platform, bringing together the best advice for public and private sector organisations.

We leverage industry-leading technology to centralise the visibility and management of your environment to meet your cyber protection needs.

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