Overcome the challenges of vulnerability management by putting the human back into automation.

Vulnerability management services

Mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks by taking a proactive stance, encompassing thorough scanning and management of vulnerabilities spanning applications, servers, and end-user devices. In a landscape where attackers are perpetually seeking fresh vulnerabilities to exploit, safeguarding your IT ecosystem becomes paramount in fortifying your organisation’s defences.

Redcentric’s Vulnerability Management service is uniquely positioned to address the shortcomings of conventional methods, which heavily rely on automation to merely flag and classify vulnerabilities. Our approach capitalises on the extensive expertise of our cyber specialists, who infuse contextual insights to enhance the optimisation and prioritisation of vulnerability identification, classification, and remediation. By leveraging this comprehensive strategy, you effectively minimise your organisation’s attack surface, bolstering its security posture and resilience against evolving threats.

Despite the huge numbers of vulnerabilities, in reality fewer than 10% of known vulnerabilities are ever exploited in the wild.

Source: CSO

The challenges faced with vulnerability management

The ever-expanding pool of vulnerabilities coupled with the rapid pace of change makes maintaining vigilance over vulnerabilities an immensely time-consuming endeavour. Often, automation leads organisations to expend precious time pinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities that are unlikely to be exploited. Moreover, the efforts invested in patching and mitigation create a substantial workload for personnel who could be channeling their efforts into more value-added tasks.

When the responsibility for patching is distributed across various segments of an organisation, the task of oversight and assurance becomes intricate. This often results in prolonged vulnerability exposure, thereby elevating the overall risk level for the organisation. Within this intricate landscape of identifying vulnerabilities and subsequently strategising, prioritising, and monitoring remediation, automation alone proves insufficient. What’s required is human intervention, underpinned by a profound comprehension of the business context.

Vulnerability identification is only one part of the problem

Although numerous organisations leverage automation for vulnerability identification, many fall short in extracting substantial value from their scanning solutions due to the challenge of accurately prioritising risks. In our approach, we take into account a comprehensive spectrum of factors when categorising vulnerabilities. This strategic consideration ensures that our customers allocate their time and resources judiciously, concentrating on the pivotal areas that hold the greatest significance.

We work closely with your teams to provide the following benefits:

Reduce IT complexity

Reduced complexity

Streamline and consolidate your vulnerability management processes by entrusting the task to a single provider. This approach entails centralising the oversight, assessment, and mitigation of vulnerabilities under one comprehensive solution. By opting for this centralised approach, you can streamline operations, enhance coordination, and ensure consistent prioritisation and remediation strategies across your entire IT landscape. This strategic move not only simplifies the complexity of vulnerability management but also optimises resource allocation and reinforces your organisation's cybersecurity posture

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Experience an exceptional level of expertise that spans across all facets of your business, offering comprehensive oversight and strategic guidance. With our Vulnerability Management services, we bring a depth of knowledge that extends across various dimensions of your organisation, ensuring a holistic approach to identifying, assessing, and addressing vulnerabilities. This proficiency empowers us to provide insights that resonate with your business context, helping you prioritise and act on vulnerabilities effectively while minimising risk and bolstering your overall cybersecurity strategy.

Cyber security

Cyber security resources

Ease the time burden on your invaluable employees, freeing them from the intricacies of vulnerability management. By entrusting the task to our Vulnerability Management services, your personnel can redirect their efforts towards value-adding activities that contribute directly to your business objectives. This strategic shift not only optimises human resources but also ensures that your workforce is dedicated to endeavours that foster innovation, growth, and the overall advancement of your organisation.

Limit patching disruption

Eliminate the disruptions caused by downtime while promptly attending to critical issues that carry substantial impact. Our Vulnerability Management services play a pivotal role in maintaining the continuity of your operations by swiftly identifying, prioritising, and remedying vulnerabilities that could potentially cause disruptions. By leveraging this approach, you not only safeguard your business against potential downtime but also ensure that your resources are allocated efficiently to tackle vulnerabilities that truly matter, mitigating risks and upholding your organisation's resilience.

Vulnerability prioritisation

Prioritise vulnerabilities

Harness the power of contextual knowledge to inform and guide the implementation of remediation measures, driven by precise risk assessments. Our approach involves a comprehensive evaluation that considers various contextual factors, enabling us to assign accurate risk scores to vulnerabilities. This nuanced understanding empowers us to prioritise and execute remediation actions with a heightened sense of accuracy, ensuring that your resources are directed towards addressing vulnerabilities that pose the most substantial threats to your organisation's security.

End-to-end customer journey visibility


Acquire a comprehensive view of the remediation process and effortlessly track the advancements made throughout the entirety of the patching lifecycle. With our solution, you gain heightened visibility into each stage of remediation, allowing you to seamlessly monitor the execution of tasks, gauge progress, and ensure that vulnerabilities are being effectively addressed. This holistic oversight empowers you with real-time insights into the status of remediations, enhancing your ability to maintain a secure and well-protected IT environment.

Our vulnerability scanning and management capabilities

The vulnerability management solution from Redcentric features:

  • Network-based vulnerability scanning
  • Monthly scanning as standard
  • External and internal assets
  • Risk-based analysis
  • Exploit likelihood prediction
  • Vulnerability consolidated reports
  • Interactive remediation dashboard
  • Issue management and ticketing

In 2022, of the 25,080 vulnerabilities identified, only 565 were susceptible to publicly available exploits.

Mind The Gap: A closer look at the vulnerabilities disclosed in 2022, Tenable

Why Redcentric vulnerability management

Redcentric extends a comprehensive Vulnerability Management service that encompasses all types of environments. Our cybersecurity team comprises adept human experts who leverage their intelligence, knowledge, and experience to offer invaluable context, enhancing the efficiency of vulnerability management efforts.


Our approach entails a meticulous examination of various facets:

Publicly available exploits: We ascertain the presence of exploit code on the public internet, recognising that attackers frequently resort to pre-existing exploits if accessible.

Current exploitation: By assessing the extent to which a vulnerability has been exploited in the past, we adeptly filter out common false positives and adjust our categorisation based on real-world incidents.

Anticipated future risk: Drawing from our own expertise in identifying, exploiting, and classifying vulnerabilities, we anticipate potential risks and factor in a wide range of variables when classifying vulnerabilities.

Business context: Our analysis takes into account the specific business context of each client, tailoring the risk assessment based on how the vulnerability could impact their operations. This contextual approach ensures that the risk evaluation remains relevant and meaningful.


By meticulously considering these facets, we provide a holistic and strategic vulnerability management service that not only identifies vulnerabilities but also offers actionable insights, mitigates potential risks, and supports informed decision-making within the larger context of your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy.

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