Protect your IT estate from vulnerabilities

Threat and vulnerability management services

Reduce cyber-attack threats by proactively scanning and managing vulnerabilities across your applications, servers and end user devices. Attackers are looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit. Keep your IT estate protected and safeguard your organisation by minimising their attack surface.

Protect your assets using our threat and vulnerability management service to scan and monitor infrastructure and web applications for vulnerabilities and identify gaps in compliance. Our security experts provide a full vulnerability scan report, highlighting priorities and classifying threats across your estate to provide you with a comprehensive response to remediate against threats.

15% of UK businesses carry outcyber security vulnerability audits - Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

Reduce your cyber-attack surface with vulnerability management

Threat and vulnerability management support you to identify, evaluate and report against weaknesses in an IT estate. Benefits include:

Continuous monitoring and alerts

Continuously monitor your infrastructure for vulnerabilities through a lightweight agent which scans on start-up and every four hours.

Protection for web applications

Check your web application code and new releases for cross-site-scripting, SQL injection, misconfigurations, and more.

Customised reports

Reports can be tailored as required sorted by host, vulnerability or priority. Custom filters can be applied to reports so that you only see the most important issues.

Comprehensive scanning

Protect your assets wherever they reside, in the cloud, in a data-centre, or on an end user device. Our flexible deployment model allows for internal and external infrastructure, or web applications, to be monitored for vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability prioritisation

From vulnerability scans identify endpoints and systems that pose the highest business risks overlaying against trend analysis, Zero-Day and Patch impact predictions.

Meet Compliance Obligations Icon

Meet regulatory requirements

Identify non-compliance vulnerabilities allowing you to provide due diligence around your cyber security.

Remediate vulnerabilities

Track and assign remediation tickets against threat vulnerabilities to monitor the status of your remediation efforts.

Our vulnerability scanning and management capabilities

The vulnerability management solution from Redcentric features:

  • Agent-based detection
  • 24/7 SOC
  • Scan systems anywhere from the same console
  • Scan manually, on a schedule, or continuously
  • Zero-Day Risk Analyser
  • Remediation tickets
  • Vulnerability consolidated reports
  • Interactive reports

Why Redcentric vulnerability management

Redcentric provides a comprehensive vulnerability management service which covers all environments. Our security experts demystify vulnerability scan reports by providing a summary and highlights of remediation actions, working as an extension of your own IT team.

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