Overcome your security weaknesses. We can help you to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Get operational security with a pen test

Fortify your organisation’s security infrastructure. By replicating real-world cyber-attacks within a controlled setting, penetration testing provides you with an inventory of your security vulnerabilities. Its aim is to enable proactive resolution of these weaknesses prior to potential exploitation by malicious actors.

Our comprehensive assessments provide your organisation with peace of mind by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. If you have regulatory standards or sensitive customer data, our service checks your network, system and application security to keep you safeguarded against potential cyber threats.


Create assured environments for your organisation

Our approach to security testing is based on manual penetration testing techniques and goes further than simple vulnerability scanning.

Infrastructure testing

Our infrastructure testing identifies weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the target network infrastructure and in components exposed to the internet.

Application security testing

Applications can quickly become vulnerable to new forms of attack. Our approach to application security testing blends the identification of technical exposure with business logic flaws that could lead to a breach in security.

Mobile security testing

From your corporate mobile devices and your mobile applications, we can help evaluate and understand your security issues so your data and systems are kept secure.

Security code review

Reviewing code from a security perspective provides assurance that the application has been developed securely to defend against attacks.

Network access review

Stay protected against internet-based attacks. From firewall, wireless networks and on-site internet connected devices, we can help identify weaknesses that may lead to a compromise of the network.

Social & Phishing engagements

Phishing is the art of enticing a victim to click on a malicious link and is a common component of our wider social engineering and scenario based (simulated attack) testing engagements.

Get more than peace of mind with penetration testing

Increased customer confidence

Redcentric’s penetration testing services bolster your company’s reputation for robust security measures. By assuring potential clients of your commitment to data protection, you gain a competitive edge and enhance sales opportunities.

Increased productivity

By pre-emptively addressing security vulnerabilities, Redcentric’s service minimises disruptions caused by cyber incidents. This ensures uninterrupted business operations, thereby enhancing your overall productivity and efficiency.

Streamlined compliance processes

Our penetration testing service aids in meeting regulatory requirements seamlessly. By identifying and rectifying potential compliance gaps, you mitigate legal risks and avoid costly penalties, thus streamlining your compliance processes.

We have found Redcentric to be an innovative penetration testing company. In order to meet our specific requirements, the team has delivered infrastructure and application security testing, as well as social engineering tests, using scenarios created by its highly skilled engineers.

The features of our penetration testing capabilities

  • Open-box and closed-box testing options
  • External and internal penetration tests
  • Tailored solutions for regulatory compliance
  • Detailed reports with actionable insights

Discuss your penetration testing requirements

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