Strengthen your system, people, and customer connections through the deployment of managed network services that offer agility, security, and resilience.

Managed Network Service Provider

In your IT environment, the network stands as a cornerstone, serving as a vital channel for delivering applications and data to end users. It seamlessly connects all your locations, playing a pivotal role in your interactions with customers and partners.

Managed Network Service Providers offer a comprehensive suite of networking solutions expertly managed and closely monitored. These solutions are purposefully designed to seamlessly link individuals and site locations, granting users access to centralised services, information, and applications hosted at various locations. This effectively relieves your internal IT teams from the network management burden, allowing them to concentrate on high-value tasks.

With over two decades of networking expertise, we oversee and manage some of the UK’s most critical and secure networks. As a leading Managed Network Service Provider, we enable government departments to securely connect to the cloud, assist primary and urgent care providers in accessing healthcare networks, and empower private organisations to seamlessly deliver essential data and applications to their distributed workforce.



Guarantee that your network infrastructure is equipped with the optimal connectivity solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of your locations and cost requirements.

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Unlock the full potential of your network performance with SD-WAN. Add intelligence into your network and empower your organisation to proactively manage and enhance network connectivity.

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Our managed LAN solutions are designed to ensure seamless connectivity and efficient data flow within your organisation's premises.

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Managed WAN

Seamless connections for your people, locations, and business processes with managed Wide Area Network (WAN). Our WAN services offer a robust and trustworthy solution to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

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Secure Remote Access

Securely access your systems remotely from any location and on any device, at any time. Our secure remote access solutions provide peace of mind and enable your workforce to connect with the utmost security.

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Managed Wireless Networking

Managed wireless networking solutions enable you to unlock the full value of wireless networks, ensuring seamless connectivity and extracting actionable data for enhanced performance.

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Overcome your network challenges

You need to ensure that your business network covers geographically dispersed locations, has resilience and has the reliability to meet your connectivity upload and download requirements. Here are some ways that a managed network solution can enable to connect your employees with confidence:

Simplified network management

Streamline your network management for enhanced efficiency. Cut down on the complexities of managing multiple suppliers by consolidating your networking services under a single vendor. This approach ensures a unified Service Level Agreement (SLA) across your managed network infrastructure, simplifying the management process and improving the overall reliability of your network.


Assured security across all connections

Guarantee comprehensive security across all connections within your extensive network infrastructure. Our solution centralises your security policies, enabling you to enforce and manage security protocols consistently across your entire network from a single, centralised point of control, ensuring the utmost security for your estate.

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Visibility of network traffic

Enhance the performance of your network by gaining comprehensive visibility into your network traffic. Easily pinpoint and analyse specific areas of your managed networks, benefiting from a deeper understanding of network activity.


Supporting availability

Select from a variety of network services that cater to your specific uptime and availability requirements, as well as align with your budgetary needs. Our solutions are designed to support and maintain high levels of availability, keeping your operations running smoothly and ensuring a consistent experience for all stakeholders.

Rapid site deployment

Support your organisational agility by adding new offices or sites to your managed network quickly and allow them to access centralised data and systems supporting your rapid expansion and ensuring a smooth integration process into your network infrastructure.


Support budget alignment

Optimise your budget through the economies of scale offered by a managed network provider. Leveraging our enduring partnerships with various connectivity providers, you can harmonise cost and capacity demands with a network solution that precisely matches your financial requirements, ensuring cost-effective and efficient network management.

Why Redcentric IP Telephony

Discuss your network challenges with an expert

Some of our customer successes with network

We’ve been supporting organisations to overcome their network challenges, achieve their connectivity requirements and drive success.


Howdens needed to ensure guaranteed network performance in critical trading periods and bring new depots online and into their network quickly to meet growth targets.

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King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital needed to improve communication, network efficiency and patient care across demanding physical estate.

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The Salvation Army

Wanting to create a "connected army" a managed MPLS network has allowed charity staff and the community secure access to systems and support.

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We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business, delving into aspects such as the number of users, the quantity of sites, the nature of network traffic, and any challenges encountered at network pinch-points. Our team of experts immerses themselves in understanding your organisation, identifying the essential access features you require, and gauging current and future network capabilities.


We consider a range of factors when planning for optimal network design. Are there specific sites that require resilience? Do you operate international or satellite offices that are integral to your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN)? In our meticulous network design planning, we take into account various elements, including your budget, present and future capacity requirements, target availability levels, and Quality of Service (QoS) standards for each site. Additionally, we seamlessly incorporate features such as user remote access and private connections to third-party cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.


We collaborate closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your employees and customers throughout any network migration. Our well-honed migration approach, executed with a meticulous level of control, has successfully migrated thousands of customers. This process is underpinned by a dedicated team of expert network engineers, ensuring a smooth and reliable transition.


As part of the on-going management of your network solution, network devices are monitored from Redcentric’s network operations centre, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes event reporting and analysis, system alerts, and automatic notifications of any issues.

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When looking for a network partner we needed someone we could work with, who was as much as part of my team as my direct reports. We chose Redcentric for their flexibility, ability to be honest and fundamentally the fact they care about the services provided to Hays. They understand the Hays business, understand how we work today and the challenges we are trying to address tomorrow.

Why trust Redcentric to deliver your managed network solution

  • National 100Gb MPLS network
  • High capacity and highly resilient through multiple carriers
  • Redundant, dual 24/7 network operation centres
  • Managed networks 24/7/365
  • 20 years of experience managing mission-critical networks
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution
  • Trusted with public sector infrastructure
  • Underpinned with the highest possible standards reflected by our accreditations and compliance


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