Tap into the scalability, resilience, and convenience offered by cloud solutions to foster your expansion and facilitate a culture of innovation.

Managed cloud services

Revamp the way your organisation accesses IT services, while concurrently boosting scalability, resilience, and security through cloud solutions. Seamlessly deploy applications and data across a diversified array of platforms, all while ensuring that your cloud services are optimally sized to support crucial phases and aligned with your financial parameters.

As an experienced managed cloud service provider, we present an array of meticulously managed cloud services encompassing migration, optimisation, security, and ongoing maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

Collaboratively, we map out your distinct cloud journey and ensure that your infrastructure harmonises seamlessly with your objectives. Be it embracing public cloud resources, establishing a private cloud domain, or embracing a hybrid cloud strategy, our expertise empowers your cloud transformation.


Cloud consultancy

Expert guidance from our accredited cloud architects, who can help you design, build, and manage your cloud strategy to help you to achieve your objectives.

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Tailor your cloud consumption to align with your workload performance and governance requirements. Our offerings span shared, private, and public cloud solutions so you can have the best environment for your needs.

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As a leading Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we can help you get the most of your Azure services.

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Harness the power of AWS across your full stack with expert AWS architects to support you from design through to optimisation.

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Hybrid cloud

Attain visibility into workloads and effectively administer resources throughout your cloud infrastructure. Seamlessly manage diverse environments on a large scale, all while maintaining uncompromising security.

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Cloud migration

Embark on a worry-free cloud migration journey. Harmonise your cloud solutions with your business goals and ensure the apt cloud selection, all the while receiving steadfast support throughout the migration process

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Modern Workplace 365

Empower your employees to work flexibly and productively. Our experts remove complexity for your IT teams and support and guide you, while ensuring your M365 environment is always compliant and secure.

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Secure optimal performance for your applications during pivotal periods by allocating them the essential resources. Focus on your applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

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Overcome your cloud challenges

Every organisation possesses its distinctiveness, and your approach to employing managed cloud services should be custom-fitted to encompass the supportability of your applications and the governance of your data. Here are several avenues through which managed cloud solutions can bolster your organisational agility:

Overcoming skills gaps

Bridge the infrastructure skill gaps within your organisation and find reassurance in our experts who assist you in assessing, planning, migrating, and optimising your cloud solutions.


Deliver projects at speed

Effortlessly create cloud environments with rapidity, eliminating the intricacies of procuring, constructing, and sustaining the necessary infrastructure.

Why Redcentric Managed Hybrid Cloud

Why Redcentric For Cloud Migration

Support budget alignment

Align with the ever-changing needs of your organisation, ensuring avoidance of overspending and inadequate recovery on your cloud investments. Trim your capital expenditures (CAPEX) and harness a consumption model that harmonises with your budget and operational expenditures (OPEX).


Competitive edge

Stay a stride ahead of your competition and customer expectations while fueling your growth. Harness emerging technologies through a cloud service provider, eliminating the need for long-term investments, and enabling you to validate proof of concept efficiently.

Mitigate operational risks

Mitigate the financial and reputational consequences of downtime by implementing a managed cloud service that caters to your availability demands and ensures the continuous productivity of your business.

Increased control of cloud environments

Confront the complexities of managing various cloud solutions tailored to address distinct infrastructure and governance needs. Hybrid cloud empowers you to maintain visibility over workloads and efficiently manage resources across your entire cloud environment.

Why Redcentric Managed Backup Service

Discuss your cloud challenges with an expert

We have a wide of expertise on AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware platforms supporting you from your infrastructure through to application level to achieve your cloud goals.


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Some of our customer successes with managed cloud services

We’ve been supporting organisations to overcome challenges, achieve their requirements and drive success.

WebV & NLaG Trust

WebV needed to digitise patient records into the cloud at speed to enable clinicians to work across different settings including working from home.

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DXS were looking for an IT service provider to support their software performance into 2,000 GP surgeries and release time for their IT team.

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Channel 4

Channel 4 were looking to deliver, develop, and manage its video on demand platform to support their service on multiple devices and platforms.

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Our process commences with a deep understanding of your business objectives and aspirations for cloud computing. Our specialists guide you through an assessment phase, enabling you to discern which workloads are best suited for various cloud environments. This analysis considers financial, commercial, resource, regulatory, and risk factors, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation to determine the ideal placement for each workload.

Within the planning phase of our cloud solutions, we deeply analyse the choices concerning workload placement and craft strategies for their seamless migration. Working closely alongside you, we outline the potential advantages and challenges associated with various transformation methods: maintaining the current state, replacing existing elements, or leveraging and enhancing the existing setup. This comprehensive analysis aids in determining the most suitable approach for each workload, ensuring optimal outcomes within your cloud solutions.

In the cloud transformation phase, we collaborate closely to finalise all pre-project preparations, effectively overseeing and supporting the deployment of your cloud solution. This critical stage encompasses various essential aspects, including

  • Workload placement
  • Implement governance structure
  • Operational support documentation and handover
  • Conduct Proof of Concepts/pilots
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Operational readiness check
  • User acceptance – technical and user

While achieving a successful cloud migration marks a significant milestone, it also signifies the start of a new phase. Regardless of whether you’ve outsourced the process or managed it in-house, maintaining the same level of discipline is crucial to ensure a smooth integration into ongoing business operations.

Continued optimisation of your managed cloud services is paramount to fully leverage your investment and ensure its efficient functionality. We collaborate closely with your team to provide support in various areas, including:

  • Regular health, performance, and cost management reviews
  • Evaluation of new cloud services
  • Assessment of business changes and their strategic impact
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We had always "done" technology well but our own high standards and growth plans meant we had to exploit the new paradigm that cloud offers. Today we can be confident that, regardless of how many sites we take on, we can scale up our resources dynamically, the embedded resilience will cope with inevitable usage spikes and should we experience any issues, the Redcentric team is instantly on the case.

Why trust Redcentric to provide your managed cloud services

  • Range of managed cloud platforms to grow at your own pace
  • 20 years of experience managing mission-critical networks
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution
  • The right cloud platform aligned with your governance requirements
  • Dual 24/7 operation centres

What are managed cloud services?

Managed cloud services encompass the comprehensive or partial management of a customer’s cloud infrastructure and resources. These services span a wide spectrum, ranging from overseeing the migration process and setting up the cloud environment to the continuous optimisation, security enhancement, and upkeep of the cloud solution.

Businesses often leverage managed cloud services as a means to liberate their internal resources, expedite project implementation, and harness the benefits of cutting-edge services to drive improvements and streamline efficiencies. This approach allows organisations to concentrate on their core activities while entrusting the management of their cloud endeavours to seasoned experts.

Why Redcentric Managed Backup Service

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