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Work Smarter With IT Collaboration Tools

Your people can achieve amazing things when they talk, work together and collaborate. We help you to make collaboration a natural part of how your teams work with intuitive tools that enable them to meet, interact and share information.

Through delivering quality managed services we help our customers to benefit from a wide range of business collaboration applications including the latest web conferencing, team collaboration hubs and pervasive video conferencing from Cisco and Microsoft.

We deployed Microsoft Teams so that our people would have one simple collaboration tool. The addition of the Call2Teams service allowed us to continue using all the advanced features in our existing IP telephony solution from Redcentric but with calls terminating in Microsoft Teams. It was the perfect fit for us.

Collaborate your way, securely and with a solution that supports user adoption

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Cisco Webex and Hosted Collaboration Solution

Support your modern collaboration strategy that empowers employees, and provides you with all the flexibility, scalability and financial benefits of the cloud.

Microsoft Teams

Use the full collaboration suite, integrate with your Office 365 solution and add PSTN calling from Microsoft Teams to provide a single centralised service for all your communications.

The value of improved IT collaboration

There are many benefits that you will gain from improving the way your people, organisation wide collaborates including:

Collaboration - Accelerated Decision Making Benefits Icon

Accelerated decision making

Gather the people required to make key decisions quicker in virtual meetings where all parties can contribute to making better informed decisions.

Collaboration - Reduced Travel Cost Benefits Icon

Reduced travel cost

With your geographically dispersed teams being able to effectively meet face to face over video and continually share information collaboratively, you remove the need to travel and will see an immediate reduction in travel expense.

Collaboration - Increased Productivity Benefits Icon

Increased productivity

Bring together geographically dispersed teams allowing them to work more effectively together and reducing duplication of effort.

Collaboration - Better Project Outcomes Benefits Icon

Better project outcomes

Whether working on a new initiative or simply trying to improve the way things are done, through improved business collaboration your people will share experiences and work far closer together to achieve better results.

Collaboration - Increased Employee Engagement Benefits Icon

Increased employee engagement

When your people collaborate, they gain a far greater sense of belonging, when teams deliver together everyone feels a sense of achievement and both of these contribute to increasing the level of employee engagement.

Increased mobility

Calling and collaboration tools which support working from home and the need for flexible working ensures your business can remain agile and responsive to changing needs. Within a single workspace you can provide the same enterprise-grade security and experience as in the office for those that work remotely.

Calling and collaboration within a single workspace

See how Redcentric’s hosted collaboration services provide businesses with a single workspace from which your teams can call, chat, message and collaborate. Work from any location and on any device, there’s no need to ever leave the familiar Microsoft Teams workspace while enjoying feature-rich unified communications and enterprise-grade security.

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Key collaboration capabilities

We focus on what you are trying to achieve and draw upon our wide portfolio of collaboration applications to deliver your desired outcomes. Key capabilities include:

  • PSTN calling
  • Desktop video conferencing
  • Meeting room video
  • Web conferencing
  • Team messaging
  • Document sharing & co-editing
  • Persistent chat

Why Redcentric for collaboration

Our rich heritage in IP telephony and unified communications, combined with strategic partnerships with leading collaboration vendors, allow us to make a significant impact in this area for our customers.

We challenge you in terms of your thinking, helping you explore what is possible and the ways available to transform how your organisation collaborates.

Explore what is possible with collaboration

To explore what is possible in terms of collaboration, simply complete the form and we will connect you to one of our collaboration experts to align what you want to achieve with what is possible.



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