Protecting your network, on-premises and in the cloud, with next-generation firewalls.

Managed Firewall Services

Secure your critical applications and data whether they reside on-premises, data centre or within the cloud with a range of managed firewall services.

Our next-generation firewalls provide up to Layer 7 protection for your infrastructure; from core IT infrastructure all the way out to the network edge. Flexible deployment means we can secure on-premises, data centre and cloud environments, all supported by our comprehensive managed service portfolio.

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As the cloud has matured, our customers demands and expectations have matched this progression. We needed an infrastructure that could guarantee a return to operation quickly, delivering the additional recovery and security we required. I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Create assured environments with managed firewalls

Combining next-generation firewall technologies with years of network security experience, we deliver a range of benefits:

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Best possible protection

Advanced threat protection including intrusion detection, anti-virus, anti-malware, web filtering and application control across your entire IT estate.

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Reduced time to deploy

By using virtual firewalls to reduce the time to deploy and speed up provisioning timescales, will allow you to go to market faster & rapidly secure your network.

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Greater control

Customer portal that provides advanced access configuration, security, performance & log information across your entire estate.

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Expertly managed

Reduce internal overhead and address any potential skills gap by choosing a fully managed service; including monitoring, configuration and optimisation of your network security.

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Dynamic protection

Our firewall solutions feature AI-powered unified threat management. Constant updates from global threat management centres ensure your systems remain secure against emerging and zero day threats.

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Consistency of security policy

Centralising the management of your network security allows you to standardise security policies, ensuring they are applied consistently across your organisation.

Firewalls: to manage or not to manage

In this article, we explore why more organisations are opting for a managed firewall service.

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Next-Generation Firewall Capabilities

A next generation firewall delivers a wide range of traditional and advanced capabilities including:

  • Application visibility
  • Web\URL filtering
  • Anti-virus & Anti malware
  • Ultra-low latency
  • SSL inspection
  • Unknown threat detection
  • AI driven intelligence
  • Single pane of glass visibility

Why Redcentric for network security

Our combined expertise in security, cloud and networking technologies means we’re ideally placed to help our customers protect their infrastructure, from the core to the edge.

We leverage the best solutions available to secure our customers’ networks, then offer a managed service wrap to ensure continuous review and optimisation of your security position.

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