We help you take a proactive approach to maintain the availability of online services in the event of a DDoS attack.

DDoS Mitigation Provider

Take decisive measures to uphold your digital presence and operational capacity, safeguarding both your reputation and revenues. In an environment where distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasingly prevalent, the potential for an organisation’s online services to be swiftly disrupted is a looming risk.

Our DDoS detection and mitigation service are built upon industry best practices, poised to lend support to your organisation in the event of an attack. This service initiates data scrubbing, eliminating unwanted or malicious traffic and forwarding only valid traffic – ensuring your online presence remains secure and operational at nearly normal levels. Whether your applications are located on-premises or within the cloud, our solution stands ready to keep you resilient. We’re equipped to assist you in minimising service disruptions over our managed WAN or on your infrastructure hosted in AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Investing in DDoS Mitigation Services


Minimise disruption

Maintain online continuity with a service that operates at near-normal levels, effectively reducing the incidence of lost trading hours. Our DDoS Mitigation service ensures your operations remain resilient and minimises the impact of disruptions.


Competitive advantage

Elevated protection equips you with a robustness that others may lack, guaranteeing your ability to continue trading while others face downtime. Our DDoS Mitigation service assures your operational continuity, setting you apart from those experiencing online disruptions.

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24/7 monitoring & automatic protection

Utilise an automated system to initiate DDoS mitigation protocols and simultaneously maintain vigilant oversight of your network activities. This combination ensures timely response and constant vigilance against potential threats.

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Protection across layers 1-7

Benefit from a comprehensive Layer 1 to Layer 7 defence mechanism that encompasses both infrastructure protection and application layer defence options.


Brand reputation

Ensuring service continuity and navigating cyber threats demonstrates your commitment to reliability as well as supporting trust and confidence among your customers and suppliers. By showcasing your preparedness in facing these challenges, you position yourself as a dependable and trustworthy partner in the business landscape.


Stronger security posture

Assist in fortifying your defences to prevent becoming an easy or recurrent target when confronted with either low and gradual or intense Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS mitigation capabilities

Our DDoS mitigation solution includes:

  • In-cloud protection
  • On-premise protection
  • Volumetric protection
  • Scalable attack ingestion capacity
  • Global threat intelligence
  • Rapid response
  • Always on 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced Shield AWS accreditation
  • 24/7 SOC

Service Levels

We offer a range of service levels depending on your need of protection.

Why Redcentric for DDoS mitigation

Drawing on our profound comprehension of IT infrastructure, cloud solutions, and connectivity, we have developed a profound expertise in security as well. This unique amalgamation positions us ideally to deliver the comprehensive approach essential for assisting our clients amidst the prevailing DDoS threats.

We’ve engineered a cloud infrastructure designed to stand by you in the face of a DDoS attack, while also extending support in securing your private cloud and on-premise infrastructure. With our DDoS mitigation service, we ensure a proactive response in case of an attack, coupled with the expertise of a professional cyber team. This team aids in analysing the attack, offering guidance, and fine-tuning rules to effectively block malicious traffic in the future.

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