Fully managed threat detection, analytics and remediation for your technology ecosystem.

SIEM as a Service

Cyber threats loom as one of the most significant challenges confronting businesses today. As the ranks of malicious actors expand and working patterns grow intricate with an increasing number of endpoints, managing and monitoring the myriad attack vectors against threats has grown increasingly complex.

Enter SIEM as a Service (Security Information and Event Management), a SIEM solution is designed to offer real-time monitoring for your technology ecosystem, identifying unusual and anomalous activities. A SIEM service amalgamates Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) to aggregate and analyse pertinent data from various sources across your IT landscape. With this data, the SIEM service proactively identifies anomalous activity and takes prompt action to counter perceived threats.

Our SIEM as a service delivers a cost-effective means to gain insight and metrics on every security event spanning all your systems. This empowers you to stay abreast of security challenges, all through the convenience of a single dashboard.

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Modern businesses with cloud and hybrid infrastructures simply cannot continue to compromise security to accommodate outdated log monitoring and alerting systems, expensive pricing models and restrictive technologies.

The value of a SIEM solution

Detect, monitor and protect your entire network with a SIEM service allowing you to benefit from:

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Centralised visibility

Acquire a genuine and comprehensive view of events spanning all your systems, ensuring you remain in sync with evolving security challenges. This insight is conveniently consolidated within a single, intuitive dashboard, offering you a holistic perspective on your technology ecosystem's security landscape.

Simplified analytics

Simplified analytics

Our SIEM Service offers a wealth of metrics and visualisations that span all events. This data can be conveniently filtered, sorted, and surfaced based on any parameter you choose. With advanced hunting capabilities, you have the ability to delve into suspicious activities and scrutinise them in depth.

Active fast response

Active response

Through active response, automated countermeasures are swiftly executed to combat ongoing threats. In situations where automatic remediation isn't feasible, our analysts take charge, closely monitoring and responding to high-priority events. Our experts conduct thorough investigations and notify relevant parties as per your requirements.

Continuous IT monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Secure continuous monitoring that tracks suspicious activity is achieved through an on-host agent, encompassing all your servers and end-user devices. You also gain the advantage of complete coverage in public cloud environments, including Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure.

IT monitoring

Holistic monitoring

Our service guarantees comprehensive security event monitoring across your entire technology ecosystem, spanning both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. Your data remains safeguarded with file integrity monitoring, which promptly identifies any alterations to the content, permissions, ownership, or attributes of sensitive files.

Custom IT integrations

Custom integrations

Unearth threats seamlessly as your business expands. With the addition of security products like LastPass and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, our services provide tailored integrations. Furthermore, we facilitate integration with third-party ticketing systems, ensuring notifications, management, and tracking of security incidents are streamlined.

SIEM capabilities

Our SIEM solution features:

  • Custom integrations
  • 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Centre)
  • On-premises and cloud-based system monitoring
  • Low cost of entry
  • Real-time log & data collection
  • PaaS/SaaS cloud monitoring such as Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure

Why Redcentric for SIEM

Our unified security proficiency in overseeing and surveilling cloud and networking landscapes positions us perfectly to identify, scrutinise, and counteract cyber threats. With our round-the-clock Security Operations Centre (SOC), we are equipped to offer swift response times, backed by security-certified on-call engineers who bring their expertise to your service.

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