Move away from ISDN by using SIP trunking to enable cloud telephony functionality.

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As the major telephone network operators look to phase out their ISDN services, more organisations are migrating across to SIP Trunks to deliver enhanced voice services into their organisation.

Increase flexibility, improve customer experience and significantly reduce voice communication costs with this highly scalable and resilient services. With expertise in both voice and data networking Redcentric are perfectly placed to help you migrate to SIP trunking hassle and risk free.

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In one respect, the changeover was very low key. Redcentric don’t fuss, they just get on with things, delivering very reliable, consistent managed IT to us day in, day out. They don’t intrude themselves onto the organisation, and that’s just the way we want it.

Create smarter working advantages with SIP trunking

For organisations currently connecting to voice services through ISDN circuits, there are significant benefits to migrating to SIP trunks, including:

Reduced Line Rental Icon

Reduced line rental

Costs of both the provision and ongoing rental of SIP circuits are significantly lower than ISDN; in some instances a saving of up to 70% in line rental can be achieved.

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Reduced call costs

SIP services not only offer customers cheaper call charges, they also remove the cost of internal calls, with these remaining within the network.

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Instant scalability

Unlike traditional ISDN, where capacity must be purchased in fixed circuit increments, SIP enables you to provision the exact number of channels you require, while giving you the ability to instantly scale up or down.

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Geographic flexibility

Far more flexibility in terms of numbering, allowing for organisations to provide their customers with local numbers, while still benefitting from having these numbers route into a centralised location.

Inherent Resilience Icon

Inherent resilience

By leveraging VoIP, SIP provides you with far more resilience, allowing you to split voice delivery across multiple physical circuits and instantly switching where calls are routed across your network.

Improved Visibility Icon

Improved visibility

Better control over costs as well as valuable operational insight, with the ability to monitor the flow of calls into and out of your organisation.

Our simple guide to SIP trunking

This white paper provides the perfect introduction to SIP Trunking, stepping through the main differences compared to legacy ISDN, providing a fuller understanding of the potential benefits for your organisation.

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SIP trunk capabilities

SIP trunking from Redcentric provides a comprehensive set of features that include:

  • Integration into existing hardware
  • Network convergence
  • Scalable capacity
  • VoIP based inter-site connectivity
  • Free DDI rental
  • Access to management portal

Why Redcentric SIP trunks

With a rich heritage in both voice and data networking, we are ideally placed to help organisations embrace convergence and migrate to SIP trunking for their voice delivery.

Our SIP service is being utilised by many organisations that provide critical services to their customers, which is testament to our reliability. We also support a number of large contract centres, demonstrating our scalability and versatility.

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