Use call data insights to reduce call wait times, ensure customers get through to the right department quickly and enhance your customer call experience.

Call management software

The way you communicate impacts customer retention and experience. Drive customer service with call data which is presentable and reportable. Identify peak call periods and call waiting times, analyse calls to inform decision-making and use ‘Smart Missed Calls’ to meet customer expectations.

Our cloud-based call reporting and management software, based on award-winning software from Akixi, provides you with the insight to lead process changes, improve your call handling, streamline your inbound calls and deliver greater organisational efficiencies.

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One Saturday morning, following some out of hours test calls, one of the depots called me and said they were going through their ‘Smart Missed Calls’ list and then calling back to help with new enquiries or queries. Whilst it was a test call that this depot had spotted, it really showed the value the Akixi missed calls reporting was adding.

Work smarter with call analytics

There are many benefits that you will gain from greater insights into your call traffic and processes including:


Respond immediately

View real-time call traffic activity, respond quickly and dynamically to your changing customer needs.


Retrieve missed calls and potential lost revenue

Turn missed calls into revenue. From your call analytics identify areas or times calls are being missed to fill any demand spikes or support a proactive customer service by calling back lost customers.


Make customer journeys more efficient

Identify potential call routing issues, helping you to ensure your customer communications are smooth, reducing drop-off rate and keeping customer experience high.


Manage staff based on demand

Align your staffing to peak call times. Call analytics help you to identify call trends in different departments, allowing you to move staffing to meet customer demands, further reducing wait times and increasing call experience.


Greater understanding of your calls

Discover how your calls are being handled. Our call reporting software gives you insights into call waiting times, call duration, inbound/outbound calls and abandon call times.


Dashboard view of real-time calls

Fully customisable and branded dashboards. Display real-time call statistics to show KPIs and keep your teams motivated.

Driving customer value using communication and collaboration

Use your communications to set you apart from the competition. Deliver a greater customer experience, support your team’s productivity and create a highly available workforce.

Discover more

Call management capabilities

Our call reporting and management software delivers you:

  • Omnichannel contact analytics
  • Agent activity reporting and control
  • Wallboards
  • Real-time and historic contact reporting and analytics
  • Report API
  • Abandoned call recovery
  • Group and extension reporting
  • Trend analysis by timeframe
  • Team performance charts
  • Dashboard view

Why Redcentric call analytics

Get insights and work with a trusted team to understand your call analytics. We host your solution in our highly resilient and secure cloud, layering your call analytics on top of your Redcentric IP telephony or PSTN calling solution.

We get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve. Our experience in understanding call analytics to design call flows and driving an increased call experience can be seen for organisations such as Howdens, Armstrong Watson and The Practice Group.

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The dashboard provides the ability to analyse the length of calls & length of time to answer calls, this information has supported the practice manager in adjusting the staff workflow and improving call answering, reducing call waiting time by 50%.

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