Through soft phones, integrating with Microsoft Teams, automated routing and PCI compliance, our IP telephony system works harder to save your team time.

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Hosted IP Telephony Services

The advent of cloud technology has revolutionised how organisations approach telephony, and we stand ready to help you fully leverage this transformation through our cloud-hosted IP telephony solutions. IP telephony services encompass a spectrum of voice and communication tools (video, fax, instant messaging, etc.) delivered over an internet connection, empowering businesses to achieve heightened operational efficiencies.

Organisations stand to gain from a range of advanced features, including auto-attendant, hunt groups, call queuing, as well as both desktop and mobile options. These features not only enhance business agility but also boost productivity, all at a predictable monthly cost.

Our IP telephony solutions have already proven invaluable, facilitating better patient experiences in healthcare, enabling cost efficiencies for retailers with interconnected stores, and fostering collaboration among geographically dispersed workforces within organisations.

Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG
My communications and patient engagement colleagues reported there has been an increase in patients getting through to surgeries in less time than ever before meaning we are responding (as a local NHS) quicker and meeting the healthcare needs of our population more efficiently. Who’d have thought a phone system could have made such a difference to patient care? Thank you!

Create smarter working advantages with hosted IP telephony

The benefits that IP telephony offers over traditional premise-based systems is considerable and include:

Unite individuals seamlessly, spanning every location, eliminate geographical constraints with a unified cloud-based telephony platform.

Effortlessly adjust your scale based on your requirements, harness the benefits of a hosted telephony platform tailored to align with your preferred working methods.

Empower your users to work from any location and stay seamlessly connected through integrated access to their mobile device(s).
Eliminate the reliance of your telephony on a single location; leverage the inherent resilience of a secure, cloud-based platform.
Align operating expenses with budgets and eliminate management costs. Pay for what you need on a flexible per-user, per-month basis.
Maximise control over your IP Telephony system by logging every call, and, when necessary for compliance, recording calls to ensure comprehensive oversight and adherence to regulatory standards.

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Hosted IP telephony capabilities

Our cloud-based IP telephony solution delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that include:

Take charge of your calls using the IP telephony desktop management console, offering a range of features such as:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Remote Office
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Voicemail
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking

Empower yourself with comprehensive control and flexibility over your telephony system.

Effortlessly integrate your IP telephony solution with your CRM system to streamline operations:

Automatically synchronise contact information between your IP telephony and CRM, ensuring that crucial details are always up-to-date. This not only reduces call agent workload but also facilitates the automatic recording of call and customer information directly into your CRM software.

By seamlessly integrating IP telephony and CRM, you can enhance your sales process by providing valuable background information for pitches and offering comprehensive support with access to customer history and previous interactions.

For sales representatives, having detailed prospect information enables them to tailor their pitches effectively. Similarly, support agents benefit from a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s case history.

Efficiently manage incoming calls to a central phone number by distributing them among group members based on a hunting policy within our IP telephony solution. The available hunting policies are:

  • Regular (Linear): Incoming calls begin hunting with the first user in the list and sequentially move through all provisioned users until an idle user is found or the end of the list is reached.
  • Circular: Calls start hunting with the user following the last one who received a call. When the end of the list is reached, the hunting circles back to the first user. The process continues until an idle user is found or all users have been visited.
  • Uniform: Incoming calls are presented to the user who has been idle for the longest time, ensuring fair distribution.
  • Simultaneous: All idle users in the group are alerted simultaneously, and the call is connected to the first user who answers.
  • Weighted: Incoming calls alert agents in a pseudo-random manner based on their relative weight. Agents with a higher weight receive more incoming calls than those with lower weights.

Choose the hunting policy that best aligns with your preferences and operational requirements to optimise call distribution within your group.

This IP telephony functionality overlay adds advanced Call Centre functionality to users, driven through a PC desktop application.

It allows visibility and desktop control of:

  • call handling
  • call queues
  • agent status
  • barge-in and silent monitoring
  • supervisor escalations
  • real time and historic reports
  • access to group and enterprise contact directories

The Auto Attendant (Interactive Voice Response – IVR) ensures efficient handling and routing of inbound calls to their intended destinations through interactive interactions with the caller.

Accessible by dialling an associated telephone number or extension, the caller is greeted with a customisable message upon connection, presenting a menu of options to guide their call.

Configured by the group administrator, the menu offers the caller several options:

  • One-Key Dialling
  • Operator Dialling
  • Name Dialling
  • Extension Dialling

This tailored approach enhances the caller’s experience and expedites the process of directing calls to the appropriate destination within the system.

Activate mobile functionality with the IP telephony software application, empowering users to manage their telephone service settings seamlessly from either their Windows desktop device or mobile phone.

Implement remote working options through features such as ‘Find Me / Follow Me,’ enabling the redirection of users’ direct dials to alternative numbers, such as their mobile phones. This ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing users to stay connected and responsive even when working remotely.

Guarantee continuous accessibility to customers by establishing a customised voice business continuity plan to uphold communication in disaster-based scenarios.

Preconfigure diverse disaster recovery routing plans in advance, providing the assurance that calls can be promptly redirected to alternative numbers in real-time during emergencies. This proactive approach ensures sustained availability and seamless customer communication during critical situations.

Why Redcentric hosted IP telephony

We utilise the best hosted IP telephony solutions available in the market, applying them in a way that makes you feel it was designed for you. We host your IP telephony solution in our highly resilient and secure cloud and take care of everything as part of our managed service. By partnering with Redcentric you can benefit from:

  • An independent provider with carrier-grade communication platforms
  • Our dual 24/7 operation centres assuring your availability
  • Range of communication systems to grow at your own pace
  • Expertise in Cisco and Microsoft technologies allowing us to advice the best route for you
  • 20 years of experience providing managed services
  • A tailored voice, business continuity plan to support your communications in disaster-based scenarios
  • Dedicated account manager to work to optimise your solution

Our expertise in IP telephony is second to none, with our proven platform delivering voice services to over 2,500 customer sites and being the service of choice for organisations such as Howdens, London School of Economics and Hays Recruitment.

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