Delivering secure and effortless access to critical infrastructure, applications and data.

Identity & Access Management Solutions

Systems access is a critical component of your IT security position. users demand access to a wide range of services. Create a consistent user experience to system access without compromising on systems’ security.

We help organisations to create and ensure access policies are applied across their IT estate; providing effortless access to end-users while ensuring critical applications and data remain protected.

Enable greater data assurance with secure access

Access management solutions are used to define who can access what systems, from where, and on what device. Benefits include:

Policy-Based Access Icon

Policy-based access

Define your access policies down to a granular level of detail; including user, device, time and location variables.

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Secure access

User and device authentication ensure adherence to your defined access policies. Only those with permission can access your critical applications and data.

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Business intelligence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of system and applications usage to help support better decision making and ensure greater protection from unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

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Simplified management

Once you’ve established your policies, leverage self-service capabilities within the access management platform to simplify the provision of new users, devices and guest access.

Identity and access management capabilities

Access management solutions from Redcentric feature:

  • Access policy definition
  • Centralised management
  • Access control
  • Role-based access
  • Device on-boarding
  • Guest access management
  • Device profiling
  • Reporting & analytics

Why Redcentric for access management solutions

Our network security and access professionals have years of experience in defining, implementing and managing security policies for public and private sector organisations.

We leverage industry-leading technologies to deploy these policies across your local and wide area networks, including remote and mobile users. Our managed security services team will continually monitor your systems, building profiles of usage and adjusting policies to ensure secure access to authorised users while protecting you against malicious attacks.

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