Facilitating secure and seamless access to vital infrastructure, applications, and data through efficient Access Management.

Identity & Access Management Solutions

Access management is a pivotal aspect of your IT security stance. Users necessitate access to a broad spectrum of services. Our objective is to establish a consistent user experience for system access, all while upholding the security of your systems.

We specialise in aiding organisations in crafting and enforcing access policies throughout their IT landscape, facilitating effortless access for end-users while upholding the protection of crucial applications and data.

Enable greater data assurance with secure access

Access management solutions are employed to determine who can access specific systems, from where, and using which device. The advantages of implementing such solutions encompass:

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Policy-based access

Create an access management strategy underpinned by access policies with a meticulous level of detail, allowing you to define parameters such as user identity, device specifications, time frames, and geographical locations to suit your security requirements.

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Secure access

User and device authentication serve as the pillars of upholding your defined access policies. This stringent process guarantees that only individuals with the appropriate permissions are granted access to your essential applications and data.

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Business intelligence

Attain an all-encompassing comprehension of system and application usage, which aids in facilitating informed decision-making while bolstering protection against unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

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Simplified management

Take advantage of self-service features within the access management platform to streamline the provisioning of new users, devices, and guest access. This empowers efficient management while ensuring a simplified process.

Identity and access management capabilities

Access management solutions from Redcentric feature:

  • Access policy definition
  • Centralised management
  • Access control
  • Role-based access
  • Device on-boarding
  • Guest access management
  • Device profiling
  • Reporting & analytics

Why Redcentric for access management solutions

Our team of access management specialists brings a wealth of experience to the table, having successfully defined, implemented, and managed security policies for organisations across the public and private sectors. Through the deployment of industry-leading technologies, we extend these policies across your local and wide area networks, encompassing remote and mobile users.

Our managed security services team maintains vigilant oversight, creating user profiles and adjusting policies as needed to ensure secure access for authorised users, fortified against malicious attacks.

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