We help to reduce the complexity around managing and moving workloads across multiple cloud environments, so you get the most out of your hybrid cloud deployments.

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Managed Hybrid Cloud Solutions

As your environments evolve, embracing an increasing complexity with diverse applications spanning various hardware setups on-premises and in the cloud, managing this diversity at scale while upholding security across your entire organisation and fostering developer agility and innovation are pivotal to your success.

A managed, agnostic hybrid cloud service stands uniquely poised to address these challenges. Leveraging our accredited expertise, we offer impartial guidance on where your workloads can best be hosted. Rest assured, you can innovate across your hybrid environment with flexibility, all while maintaining seamless security. With Redcentric’s comprehensive management, your workloads, regardless of their location, can be holistically overseen for streamlined operations and peace of mind.

The value delivered by a hybrid cloud

Our managed hybrid cloud solution is designed to provide you with significant value, including:

Closer Alignment To Need Benefits Icon

Closer alignment to need

Select the optimal cloud solution tailored to your distinct requirements and seamlessly integrate them to create a precisely aligned hybrid cloud environment.

Flexibility & Scale Benefits Icon

Flexibility & scalability

With an extensive range of public and private cloud solutions, you gain the capacity to rapidly scale within each cloud and the adaptability to transition seamlessly between clouds as your requirements evolve.

Simplified Complexity Benefits Icon

Simplified complexity

Remove the complexities associated with different environments, simplifying deployment, monitoring and management.

Integrated Environments Benefits Icon

Integrated environments

Drawing upon our extensive expertise across various cloud alternatives, we're adept at designing a hybrid cloud environment that seamlessly integrates applications and data, ensuring both security and reliability.

Expertly Managed Benefits Icon

Expertly managed

Benefit from our expertise that encompasses the management of individual clouds and extends to overseeing your complete end-to-end hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Predictable Cost Icon

Control costs

Make informed choices in data and application storage locations that align with your governance mandates, while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

What is hybrid cloud?

This article outlines the nature of the hybrid cloud and the unique benefits it can offer to your organisation.

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Why hybrid cloud?

For the majority of workloads we recommend hosting in the public cloud, but there are still circumstances where a hybrid cloud approach is more appropriate. Some of the common drivers for a hybrid deployment are:

  • When legacy applications have hosting requirements that cannot be efficiently met by public cloud, for example high performance multicast networking
  • When there are data governance requirements: while the majority of public clouds offer options to keep data within a locality, it can be difficult to fully audit this and ensure that configurations are maintained. Our cloud governance offerings can help with this
  • Where compute resources are flat and there are few scaling requirements, a hosted cloud solution can lead to significantly lower hosting costs

Our hybrid cloud capabilities

Our managed hybrid cloud service offers a number of unique capabilities, including:

  • Support for private cloud
  • Support for public clouds
  • Ability to optimise workloads across clouds
  • Ability to scale & transition across clouds
  • Single management across a hybrid environment
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Microsoft cloud verified consulting partner
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Why choose Redcentric’s managed hybrid cloud solutions

Capitalising on our comprehensive expertise and accreditations spanning a diverse array of cloud applications, we are distinctly positioned to offer our clients an all-encompassing managed service across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

We possess the capability to seamlessly integrate our shared and dedicated cloud environments with your private and public clouds, tailoring a hybrid environment that impeccably aligns with your organisation’s requirements and workloads. This finely tuned setup is adeptly overseen by our team of experts.

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