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Managed Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Your environments are evolving; becoming increasingly complex with many applications running on different hardware on-premises and in the cloud. Managing these disparate environments at scale, ensuring un-compromised security across an entire organisation, and enabling developer agility and innovation are critical to your success.

Managed hybrid cloud uniquely helps you meet these challenges, giving you the flexibility to innovate anywhere in your hybrid environment while operating seamlessly and securely.

The value delivered by a hybrid cloud

Our managed hybrid cloud solution is designed to provide you with significant value, including:

Closer Alignment To Need Benefits Icon

Closer alignment to need

Adopt the best possible cloud option for each of your specific needs and combine these to deliver a perfectly aligned hybrid cloud.

Flexibility & Scale Benefits Icon

Flexibility & scalability

A broad portfolio of public and private cloud offerings, you not only have the ability to instantly scale each cloud but the flexibility to transition across clouds as your needs change.

Simplified Complexity Benefits Icon

Simplified complexity

Remove the complexities associated with different environments, simplifying deployment, monitoring and management.

Integrated Environments Benefits Icon

Integrated environments

Our experience across all cloud options enables us to architect a hybrid cloud environment that is capable of integrating applications and data, securely and reliably.

Expertly Managed Benefits Icon

Expertly managed

Our expertise allows us to manage each individual cloud, as well as your end-to-end hybrid cloud environment.

Predictable Cost Icon

Control costs

Select the right place to store your data and applications in accordance with your governance requirements, all for the right price.

What is hybrid cloud?

This article outlines the nature of the hybrid cloud and the unique benefits it can offer to your organisation.

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Our hybrid cloud capabilities

Our managed hybrid cloud service offers a number of unique capabilities, including:

  • Support for private cloud
  • Support for public/community clouds
  • Ability to optimise workloads across clouds
  • Ability to scale & transition across clouds
  • Single management across a hybrid environment

Why Redcentric Managed Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Our expertise across a broad range of cloud applications means we are uniquely placed to provide our customers with a single managed service across their hybrid cloud.

We are able to blend our shared and dedicated cloud environments with your private cloud, public clouds and community clouds to deliver the hybrid environment that best meets the needs of your organisation, expertly managed by us.

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