Confidently record, tag, and store your calls to meet compliance requirements and support training needs.

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Business Call Recording Solutions

Unlock the potential of capturing every telephone conversation with your customers through our comprehensive call recording and voice AI solutions. Gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience, identify areas for improvement, and extract valuable insights into customer motivations and sentiments. 

Our offerings empower organisations to leverage call data for compliance, quality assessment, and integration into advanced analytics and workflows, generating actionable insights for continuous enhancement.

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We have gained valuable insight from the call recording system such as how many patients were hanging up without having their calls answered. This enabled us to take remedial action, rerouting calls to a Patient Contact Centre which answers as the appropriate surgery and books patients’ appointments.

The value of call recording and voice AI

Your organisation can gain significant benefits from being able to record and transcribe every customer interaction, and easily see a positive or negative score or analyse it by keyword. Benefits are:

By utilising call recording and voice AI, you can actively listen to customer interactions, comprehend their experiences, and extract valuable insights. This not only serves as an excellent resource for staff training but also enables continuous improvement in customer experience by learning from exemplary interactions.
Automate the analysis of every call through call recording and voice AI to gain valuable insights into customer motivations and the overall sentiment of calls. Identify and address specific call types or behavioural trends for more targeted and effective improvements in your operations.
Simplify and expedite the analysis of all your calls with call recording and voice AI. This enables you to replay voice calls, search transcripts for crucial keywords, and receive instant alerts highlighting moments that require interventions, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to call management.
Automate the recording process for calls falling under regulation through call recording and voice AI. This ensures your organisation achieves full compliance, alleviating the burden of manual compliance auditing and reporting.
Efficiently listen to queried conversations and precisely hear what was said by leveraging call recording and voice AI. With the ability to search transcripts and pinpoint negative interactions, reduce the time spent on dispute resolution, ensuring prompt and accurate outcomes in every instance.

Delivering success with call recording

See how Redcentric supports Thompsons Solicitors to enable company growth with a compliant and integrated communications system which removes the complexity of their previous legacy system and unharnesses their in-house IT teams from the burden of the day-to-day.

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Call recording & voice AI capabilities

Our cloud-based call recording and voice AI platform provides you with a wide range of features, including:

  • Compliance recording
  • On-Demand recording
  • Call playback
  • Call tagging
  • Call transcription
  • Sentiment / tone analysis
  • Speech analytics
  • Keyword search and notification

Why Redcentric call recording

We make it easy for you to record calls and then analyse them by providing a fully managed service from the cloud. This enables you to capture every interaction regardless of where it is routed or to which device within your organisation. Our recording platform puts you in control of what is recorded, what is retained and who has access to those recordings.

We also provide you with an opportunity to drive additional value from call recording by leveraging our voice AI service with its advanced analytics. This enables you to drill into each call, search transcriptions by keyword and score calls to deliver significant customer and operational insights.

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