Wireless LAN Services (WLAN)

Redcentric’s Managed Wireless LAN service gives customers a high performance, secure, and continuously monitored environment to enable more mobile working and easier guest connectivity across the enterprise, without the overhead required to effectively support it.

Managed Wireless services

The Managed Wireless LAN service provides an extension of your wired corporate network to give ubiquitous device connectivity whilst accommodating the growing use of wireless-enabled devices and BYOD; it can also support your wireless LAN requirements with sophisticated guess access options. Built around class-leading Aruba Networks infrastructure, the service is monitored 24/7 and proactively managed.

Redcentric’s wireless LAN specialists take a bespoke approach to a customer’s wireless environment and needs, analysing coverage, user density, applications, physical constraints, and bandwidth requirements to develop a design that is focused on delivering the optimum user experience. Configuration down to application and user level allows for tighter control of the wireless estate and its overall performance.

Security and authentication processes have to strike the balance between rigorous network protection and legal compliance, and ease of use: our expertise in wireless security ensures your wireless LAN will benefit from the highest security standards and that disclosure obligations can be met, all without compromising user accessibility.

Benefits of our Managed Wireless LAN service

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Optimised wireless networking

Tailored expert design and on-going monitoring combine to deliver optimised performance


Future-proof operation

Access to the latest wireless technologies and in-depth analysis of usage can help build future-proofed, always fit-for-purpose networks


High-grade security

Design integrity, quality hardware and wireless know-how help minimise network vulnerabilities


Reduced overhead

No capex, no in-house specialists, just a cost-effective, fixed operational expenditure


Improved guest connectivity

A range of configurable guest wireless solutions to meet different organisational needs


Ease of deployment

Centralised provisioning and ‘plug and play’ on site implementation simplifies roll-outs


Strategic planning

Performance reporting and price predictability underpin an agile, informed and costed approach to network expansion

Business-only ISP

Network management

Complete network visibility drives improved service continuity across wired and wireless LANs/WANs

Redcentric is an award-winning provider of managed wireless LAN services, highly regarded for its skilful deployments across particularly challenging physical environments, such as hospital estates and educational campuses.

Webcast: The advantages of managed wireless LAN

The advantages of managed wireless solutions

A wireless network can offer guest Wi-Fi access, support your BYOD strategy and improve mobility, however creating a solution that delivers can be complex. When looking to build a wireless network time must be taken to look at the user requirements. Paul Smith looks at what is required to create a secure and effective managed wireless solution.

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  • End-to-end service encompassing consultancy, design, provisioning, support and hardware replacement
  • Built around best-in-class Aruba Networks hardware
  • Standard mixed mode deployments of 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Zero-touch cloud-based provisioning for access points
  • Extended functionality to support BYOD and guest access
The advantages of managed wireless solutions

The consideration, benefits and how to develop a business wireless network solution.

Redcentric takes Wireless Infrastructure award at Computing Vendor Excellence awards

Redcentric’s gets presented Wireless Infrastructure award for physically and technically challenging projects.

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