Bulk SMS Sending Services

For organisations needing to push promotional and operational information quickly to a vast number of end users mobile messaging provides a bulk SMS platform to easily handle mass communications.

Redcentric provides a messaging platform which enables customers to easily manage SMS (Short Messaging Service) to engage with end users for operational and marketing communications. A bulk SMS service is part of an effective mobile strategy which may also include a mobile-optimised website and mobile apps.

Redcentric’s intelligent platform captures end user behaviour and information from communications which are then analysed, allowing customers to be targeted with an increased accuracy with messages and campaigns.

Features of our Mobile Messaging service


Messaging platform

Direct access to platform functionality with a simple and easy to use interface for the bulk SMS sender


Dedicated number

With use of a short code or a long number, you can allow customers to reply.


Number query

Gain insights, facts and behaviours on your mobile numbers by uploading them


Number filter

Improve quality of data by filtering out dead and non-active numbers


Inbound rules

Apply rules to your inbound messages such as forwarding to an email address or replying with an automated message.



Campaign reporting will provide you with a picture of how successful your bulk SMS campaigns are and how they can be improved.



Personalise your messages by using custom ‘merge fields’ to include content unique to each individual.


URL tracking

Make use of shortened URLs and unique IDs to track click through activity at user level in real time.

  • Self-service portal
  • Fast and effective bulk text messaging with valued customers
  • Environmentally friendly technology that is reliable and secure
  • Segment using campaign filters, improving targeting and ROI