Create a competitive edge and benefit from greater efficiencies.

Managed IT services for law firms

Enable your lawyers to spend more time practising law. Support your legal firm in delivering the highly valued services your clients require and streamlining engagement to maximise billable hours, instead of spending valuable time on more routine or less efficient tasks.

Cloud solutions have now proved how robust and secure they are, reinforcing your client confidentiality whilst providing them with an enhanced experience. Technology is enabling legal firms to digitally transform the way they deliver legal services by harnessing systems to support document automation, improve client interactions by offering chat bots and centralised documentation, as well as automating processes between systems to save time and eliminate human error.

We work in partnership with a number of firms, including:


Call recording and Voice AI

Save time and stay compliant. Documenting client discussions is a business necessity, but automatic transcription can reduce admin and keyword search makes locating information quick and easy.

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Consume cloud solutions your way. Secure and accredited shared, private and Azure IaaS to keep your firm’s systems and clients’ data safe from threats.

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Data backup

Restore your valuable client files at speed and use in the event of a malware security incident to rollback to a prior date.

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Unified communications

Work together securely and seamlessly. Unified communications provides a common platform for individuals and teams to collaborate with ease.

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Protect your firm and clients’ data. Shield your organisation from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers right through from the edge, on-premise and end-point devices.

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Connect your firm’s offices and people securely to your systems and data. Enable hot desking, remote and mobile working to provide smarter working and efficiencies to your staff.

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Create efficiencies for your legal firm and clients

Technology can support your firm, create a more effective businesses, and improve your client experience. Here are some of the technologies which can help you to overcome challenges your legal firm may be facing:

Improved client experience

Ensure your clients’ experience with you is seamless however they choose to interact with you. Provide your clients with multiple ways to interact with your legal firm through methods like chatbots and social media, and centralise your communication methods with an omni-channel solution to offer a more joined-up, frictionless experience. Call reporting and recording support you in assigning calls quickly to account codes, so you can keep all client interactions together and make it easier to bill your clients accurately.


Maintain client trust

Keep your client’s data safe and your reputation intact. Partner with a managed service provider that aligns with your regulations to ensure that your client’s peace of mind on their valuable information is kept secure. Our services are underpinned by our ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations, offering you and your clients the security and assurance you need to work in confidence.

Increased productivity

Give your employees the productivity tools to work smarter. Solutions that centralise and allow collaboration such as unified communications or Office365 create greater working efficiencies, so your firm can maximise client billable hours. Ensure that your productivity tools are secure and support mobility: secure remote access to your centralised files and data means that your staff can access their clients’ information in the office or at home so they can provide the same exceptional service regardless of location.

Create efficiencies

Take on new systems to create efficiencies for your staff. Cloud can enable your team to take on new solutions, prove the efficiencies in silo before rolling out to the wider firm. These systems can support you to draft documents, provide legal guidance, collate legal research and manage cases efficiently. These varying systems however rarely share information between them, creating manual processes and inefficiencies when it comes round to billing and collating documents. Automation between your disparate systems can collate the information and ensure accurate client billing.

Maintain compliance

Ensure your legal firm’s compliance with SRA and ICO guidelines. A data breach can result in reputational damage, loss in client trust and potential fines. IT security solutions that span every part of your organisation brings together a consistent approach to your firewalls, access management and threat monitoring. In addition, partnering with a supplier that delivers solutions aligned with SRA guidelines and underpinned by ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations provide you with the assurance that you and your clients need to work in confidence.

Accurate client billing

Maximise your revenues and time used by fee earners. Track your billable hours with ease by collating and reporting on call hours, using voice AI and transcription services to automatically assign activities with account codes so you can efficiently and accurately bill clients.

Recruiting the best graduates

Appeal to fresh and leading talent. Offer flexible working solutions and modern working that graduates are accustomed to. This allows your legal firm to be more attractive to work for, be more competitive when recruiting graduates and enabling productivity within your new recruits.

Because we adopted Teams, we’ve been able to do all our customer face-to-face meetings on Teams, and customers have been really receptive and happy with the experience. Many have said they want to continue in this way as it cuts down on travel time and expenses.

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