Bevan Brittan is a national law firm and the largest specialist provider of commercial legal services to the Public Sector and its supply chain. It employs around 370 people across three offices in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

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Mario Bertuca, Bevan Brittan’s IT Infrastructure Manager, explained that the business was planning to move to an IP telephony system, which offered it an opportunity to review its network provider. The company wanted:

  • A managed services provider witha proven track record
  • Higher bandwidth to ensure quality connectivity
  • Value for money from its provide
  • An improvement in performance, quality and flexibility

How Redcentric helped

The project was put out to tender and competing bids were received from a number of suppliers. In the end, Redcentric’s LANnet wide area network offered the best solution:

  • A managed network solution tailored to Bevan Brittan’s specific needs,yet with significant cost savings
  • Reassurance through Redcentric’s reputation as an innovator andhigh-end provider of a wide portfolio of managed services
  • Higher bandwidth, offering greater reliability and options for future expansion
  • The promise of an improved customer relationship
The system simply runs itself so we don’t have to bother with it. It frees us up to get on with our everyday operations and has eliminated the usual headaches.

Business benefits

  • A resilient and stable network ensuring business continuity
  • Scalability, meaning fluctuations in network usage can be easily managed
  • Options for cost-effective expansion and upgrades in technology as and when it is required
  • Reliable support dealing quickly with any issues, ensuring confidence in the service
  • An excellent relationship with the account team, with good communication, support and response times

Operational benefits

  • A single IP network connection for voice and data services
  • Redcentric manages the network so Bevan Brittan’s IT team can concentrate on day-to-day operations
  • Resilience assured with two lines into each site providing an automatic failover should one line fail
  • Specialist IT support is available 24/7,365 days a year from Redcentric
  • A flexible platform which Bevan Brittan can build upon should it wish to

Financial benefits

  • Redcentric is responsible for ensuring the technology is future proof
  • Financial planning is made far easier with a transparent three-year contract
  • Much-improved network connectivity for less money
  • Access to Redcentric’s cost-effective wider managed services portfolio
  • Highly competitive prices without compromising on service or quality
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