Navigating the complexities of cloud migration can be a challenging endeavour. Our approach to cloud migration is rooted in a deep understanding of your operations, goals, and technological landscape.

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Cloud Migration Services

Whether you’re considering migrating on-premises systems to the cloud or relocating existing cloud services, our Cloud Migration Services ensure a seamless transition that aligns with your needs. 

Our experienced team provides expert guidance, meticulous planning, and execution to minimise disruptions, allowing your business to smoothly embrace the benefits of cloud technology. With a tailored approach, we prioritise your unique requirements and ensure a successful migration, backed by our proven track record across diverse industries.

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Redcentric had the scope, capacity and skill to quickly deliver a high end private cloud environment.

The value we offer in cloud migration

Embark on your cloud journey with our comprehensive end-to-end service, facilitating the migration of your applications and data to the cloud while minimising operational disruptions. Our experienced team ensures a seamless transition, enabling you to harness the advantages of cloud technology without compromising your business operations.

Defining Your Requirements Benefits Icon

Fully defining your requirements

Our expertise supports you in effectively categorising your cloud needs – from governance and organisational readiness to processes and technical aspects, including application interdependencies. Trust us to guide your cloud migration journey.

The Right Cloud Solution Benefits Icon

The right cloud selection

We aim to provide clarity regarding the various cloud options you can consider. These choices encompass dedicated private clouds, shared cloud infrastructure, and hyperscale environments. By offering comprehensive insights, we empower you to make well-informed decisions that suit your current needs and future objectives.

Robust Migration Plan Benefits Icon

Robust migration plan

Drawing on our wealth of experience in cloud migration, we excel at crafting migration plans that are robust, capturing every nuance and potential contingency. This meticulous attention to detail, combined with our comprehensive methodology, works to mitigate risks and minimise disruptions throughout the migration process.

Utilising The Right Tools Benefits Icon

Utilising the right tools

With our wealth of experience, we're adept at selecting the most suitable tools tailored to your unique requirements. Whether it's orchestrating a migration with absolute zero downtime or orchestrating a transition within a specific timeframe, our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process.

Well Tested Processes and Partnerships icon

Well tested processes & partnerships

Drawing from our own operational cloud environments, we have meticulously crafted robust methodologies for cloud migration. This proficiency extends both to migrations within our own clouds and to external public hyperscale environments.

End-to-End Management Benefits Icon

End-to-end management

We offer comprehensive end-to-end management of your cloud migration process, followed by continuous cloud management services encompassing all aspects of your hybrid cloud environment.

How to plan a successful public cloud migration

The key to a successful public cloud migration is buy in and support from the entire business. The first step in any migration is to understand the business objectives, and the pain points that a migration to public cloud can solve. This article looks at how to plan your cloud migration for success.

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Capabilities of our cloud migration services

  • Application migration readiness
  • Cloud selection
  • Application refactoring
  • Application & data migration

Why Redcentric for cloud migration

Having assisted numerous organisations in migrating their mission-critical applications to the cloud, our expertise ranges from highly secure government departments to retailers requiring swift transitions.

Leveraging our hybrid cloud proficiency, we offer a spectrum of options, supported by robust methodologies that guarantee a smooth and budget-conscious cloud migration journey.

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