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Supporting you to implement digital transformation changes

Digital transformation can support your organisational objectives such as increasing your ability to respond at speed, driving a consistent quality of service, ensuring cybersecurity security, expanding your capability to meet future customer requirements or supporting and ensuring your business continuity.

Resilient, high-performance connectivity and cloud computing solutions have allowed businesses worldwide to deliver on the promises of process efficiency, automation, cost efficiency and more through the adoption of cloud computing, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Digital transformation is an enterprise-wide strategy; an operational imperative that drives a business ideology of continuous improvement. For many businesses, digital transformation is a sequence of projects. Each project forms a part of the larger strategy and is designed to meet your specific business objective or address a specific business challenge.

Redcentric has played an important role in helping us to design and develop our infrastructure and have helped us set up our cloud-based services, which provide the foundation for us to be flexible and innovative and support different ways of delivering education for students.


Bring new capabilities to market at speed, enable innovation and scale your resource consumption up and down with cloud.

Don’t feel inhibited by legacy infrastructure when it comes to enabling the benefits of new digital systems. Cloud can drive your digital transformation by supporting improved business margins and your ability to increase your revenues based on demand. Create and innovate within a cost-effective public or private cloud environment and transition workloads into your cloud of choice once you have quantified/qualified the outcome you are looking to achieve.

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Professional services

Enable digital transformation whilst reducing the risk to both adopt and adapt to that change and avoid taking your staff’s time away from business-critical tasks. Professional services can provide critical support for your digital strategic direction, taking into account your industry regulations and desired outcome.

Having the right expertise in-house to drive digital transformation may not be available to you, or there may be issues around a specific system you are looking to integrate. A trusted provider can take you through challenging transformations to ensure your projects are delivered on time, to your specifications and to budget.

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Omni-channel contact centre

Provide a fully cohesive communication experience. With new communication channels opening up, customers are now communicating using multiple methods to interact with your teams. This can create different systems for notes and a disjointed, poor customer experience.

Streamline your new digital communication channels to usher in more handling efficiencies and a better customer experience. Omni-channel brings together your call, social, chat and email communication channels allowing you to transform your communications.

Managed Services

Free up your valuable IT resource time to innovate. Reduce the impact and time spent by yourself and your team’s in having to deal with time-hungry tasks like managing the network, resolving break/fix challenges or managing multiple supplier relationships.

Having the right trusted partner can ease the burden on internal teams, freeing up their valuable time and company knowledge to allow greater focus on innovation. By forging a relationship with a managed service provider, they can support you with your technology roadmap aligned to your objectives to embrace digital transformation and enable change.

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A Guide to Digital Transformation

How can you benefit from embracing digital transformation? In this article we look at what digital transformation is, some of the common drivers for change and some steps to get you started on your digital transformation journey.


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