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By adopting modern technologies, you can improve your employee’s ability to be more productive and to collaborate with other colleagues and customers with ease. Modern workplace tools empower your employees to work effectively and help them to work closer together so your teams can focus on meeting your business objectives. Not only that, but modern technologies deliver a much better work experience aligned to the expectations of new generations of workers and new working practices such as hybrid or flexible working.

To provide your users with a secure means to work on any device, for any location a cohesive modern workplace solution is required. This set of software tools can deliver a cohesive solution providing many advantages in terms of productivity and communication, this ensures you’re able to create a modern workplace which enables new working practices and future-proofs your business.

Know that your modern workplace is being handled by a committed partner like Redcentric. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, we’ve supported customers to successfully boost their productivity and enable hybrid working using Microsoft 365.

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Within two weeks of having our initial exploratory conversation, we had a scalable Window’s Virtual Desktop environment which was leveraging multi-factor authentication and conditional access.

Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops provide your employees with a familiar corporate desktop, on any device, in a secure way, no matter where they are, allowing them to stay connected to your organisation, work securely and provide a consistent desktop to your end-users.

Managing and maintaining the security of your applications and data across a disparate workforce across various devices creates challenges. Control how your data is accessed stored and saved and manage your virtual desktops from a centralised location.

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Microsoft 365

To keep your workforce productive and working together as a whole, you need a productivity suite like Microsoft 365 which supports a flexible, modern workforce, enabling faster decision-making and creating an environment which promotes collaboration and communication and helps your teams to work effectively.

We help you by reducing the complexity of your Microsoft 365 deployment and ongoing management. We’re a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and our Microsoft-certified specialists can identify which packages are most suitable and cost-efficient for your organisation, then migrate and secure your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Secure remote access

Your employees and customers need to trust the security and integrity of their connection when accessing corporate systems and data.

Secure remote access solutions help give employees access to vital information so they can still work from home or remote locations through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This reduces risk and ensures the authenticity of users accessing your systems when working remotely.

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To deliver a consistent experience for your staff across every location on any device, regardless of where they are working, you need to deliver a solution which enables your teams.

Modern collaboration tools help teams to meet, interact and share information easily, efficiently and effectively with each other and with customers. We work with your organisation to choose the right solution for you, allowing your teams to work in the way that suits your business, with security and easy user adoption always front of mind.

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To protect your end-users, data and systems whilst not restricting the ability to work from any location, you need to ensure your technology ecosystem is secure. We help you to navigate a range of cybersecurity solutions which will protect the security of your network, systems, emails and endpoints.

Our security expertise in managing and monitoring cloud and networking environments means we’re ideally placed to help detect, analyse and respond to cyber threats. Our 24/7 SOC can support you with rapid response times and our security certified on-call engineers are on-hand to provide you with the assurance and expertise you require.

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What are modern workplace solutions?

Modern workplace solutions are enabling a consistent experience for hybrid workers. In this infographic we look at the different components that make up a successful modern workplace solution.


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