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Relieve your IT team of the cumbersome task of maintaining and updating desktop images across a diverse range of devices. Our Virtual Desktops service offers end-users a secure access point from any location, using any device. Our recognised services extend to hosted and managed desktop environments, leveraging cutting-edge virtual desktop infrastructure platforms like Azure, AWS, VMware, and Citrix. You can rest assured that we’re capable of supporting the ideal environment for your organisation.

Whether you’re managing a widely distributed workforce or dealing with diverse hardware devices within your IT estate, our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service comes to the rescue. We virtualise your desktop environment into the cloud, streamlining management and delivering a reliable, secure, and consistent experience across end-user devices. This approach ensures familiarity and consistency with every use.

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We’re pleased to be partnering with Windows Virtual Desktop – the roll out of this particular project was very smooth and delivered on time. We found the cloud team very responsive and quick to assist with our questions. We look forward to working together in the future.

Creating working efficiencies with a hosted virtual desktop solution

By virtualising your desktop environment as a service from Redcentric there are many benefits to be gained, including:


Meet end user compute demands

Ensure your users have the right computer to meet their working requirements. As a leading virtual desktops provider, we specialise in delivering virtualisation solutions that optimise the computing environment for each user.

Reduced CAPEX Icon

CAPEX efficiencies

Benefit from reduced CAPEX by providing a personal desktop experience and make use of your desktops/laptops investments that could potentially sit idle. as a leading virtual desktops provider, we specialise in optimising resource utilisation for your organisation's advantage.

Increased Agility Icon

Increased agility

Provision new desktops swiftly and respond effectively to evolving operational demands by centralising modifications to end-user desktop environments. As a trusted virtual desktops provider, we specialise in delivering streamlined solutions to meet your needs.

Reduced Management Overhead Icon

Reduced management overhead

Relieve your local support teams from the responsibility of managing end-user devices and ensuring up-to-date and secure operating systems. As a dedicated virtual desktops provider, we specialise in providing solutions that alleviate this burden.

Increased Availability Icon

Increased availability

Transform your end-user desktops into a robust cloud-based virtual environment, offering users high availability access from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. As a leading virtual desktops provider, this is where our expertise excels.

Responsive End-User Support Icon

Responsive end-user support

Empower your end-users with the advantage of a highly responsive 24/7 help desk staffed by a team intimately familiar with your organisation and your VDI service. As a dedicated virtual desktops provider, this personalised support is at the heart of our commitment.

Geographic Resilience Benefits Icon

Strengthened disaster recovery

Elevate your disaster recovery capabilities by incorporating public cloud resilience and centralised desktop provisioning into your virtual desktop solution. As a prominent virtual desktops provider, this comprehensive approach lies at the core of our service.

Flexibility & Scale Benefits Icon

Scale easily to meet demand

Sync your desktop environments with your staffing needs and enable automated scaling of VDIs during peak and off-peak hours, optimising cost-efficiencies. As a dedicated virtual desktops provider, we excel in tailoring solutions to match your requirements.

Protecting Your Data Benefits Icon

Protect your data

Strengthen governance and security protocols to regulate data access, storage, and preservation. As a leading virtual desktops provider, we specialise in fortifying these aspects to ensure robust protection and compliance.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Revamp the approach to delivering and overseeing your desktop environments. As certified consultants in Microsoft Azure and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and possessing a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation, we’re optimally positioned to facilitate more intelligent workflows for your workforce.

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Capabilities of our VDI service

Our virtual desktop service provides the following features:

  • Hosted virtualised desktop
  • High performance capabilities
  • Anywhere, any device access
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Managed upgrades & patches
  • On-premises and cloud options
  • Inherent resilience
  • Fully backed-up
  • Advanced security
  • 24/7 end-user support
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Why Redcentric for virtual desktop

As your managed service provider, we offer extensive support with a scalable, resilient, and secure virtual desktop service tailored for your end-users. Our commitment entails optimising your VDI solution’s deployment for your organisation’s specific needs. We consistently monitor, manage, and optimise your desktop images to ensure an exceptional user experience and maintain device security.

Our collaboration goes beyond technical aspects; we closely partner with you to align your virtual desktop service with the unique requirements of your end-users. This involves delivering the necessary tools for productivity and smarter work on a platform that seamlessly caters to your demands. This comprehensive approach underscores our dedication as a virtual desktops provider.

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