Empowering organisations to connect, communicate and collaborate.

How to work smart

Deliver the tools your organisation needs to be more productive; allow employees to work more efficiently and deliver far more effective outcomes for your customers.

Drive greater collaboration through unified communications, enable flexible working with highly available wireless networks and leverage the cloud to deliver secure productivity tools and key applications to your teams, anywhere, any time and on any device.

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Our wireless project is transforming both the patient and staff experience in terms of fast, secure, "anytime, anywhere" access to information and applications.

Wireless networking

Your people need to be productive wherever they are. Break your reliance on physical, fixed, wired connections to access your data and applications on a range of secure, compliant devices. Connect anywhere within your organisation at any time whilst enabling greater collaboration with your colleagues and customers.

Control what your customers and staff can access without compromising your security ensuring the integrity of your organisation from outside threats.

Drive additional revenue streams and reach new audiences through data analytics and monetisation of your connectivity. Turn your guest WiFi into heatmaps for location visibility, send targeted marketing messages and identify key buying times to drive additional value.

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IP telephony

Connect to your customers and colleagues at any time across any device or interface via phone, instant message or high definition video on the same number seamlessly, making you more accessible.

Stand out from your competitors and provide key service indicators to improve your customer service. Apply artificial intelligence and analytics to your communications giving you visual feedback on intent and emotion to assist in directing your messaging.

Take piece of mind that you can track, store, retrieve and delete historical data for governance and legal requirements should the event arise quickly and securely.

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With the scalability and assurance provided by the cloud, organisations can work much smarter in the utilisation of resources; continually improving working practices and accelerating the adoption of digitalisation and automation.

Spend more time creating relationships with your customers by automating repeatable tasks within your applications giving you the time back to interact.

Drive new insights from your data using analytical services to give you a competitive edge or to assist in spotting market trends helping you to make more informed decisions.

Present your critical applications across a range of devices at anytime. Allow your organisation to be effective virtually anywhere, in collaboration with your customers whilst meeting your security and governance requirements.

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Office 365

Creating efficiency in your organisation relies on your applications being more agile, adaptable and continually evolving in line with your changing requirements. The Office 365 productivity suite is made up of many applications that work together to enable a more productive workforce enabling faster decision-making and providing ubiquitous access to information, which is delivered across a more flexible, mobile workplace.

Features such as co-authoring documents in real time, instant messaging (IM), video, and voice make it easier to create, share, and work together wherever you are, across your devices in a secure manner allowing you to work and consume data smarter.

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Allowing clinicians to work smarter

“Redcentric made this as pain-free a process as possible. As a result, we have a very stable and fast wireless networking provision that is delivering benefits every day.”

Take a look at how we help King’s College Hospital enable smarter working.

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