Enabling you to reliably and cost effectively replicate your critical systems in case disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery Service Provider

You need IT services that are always available, ensuring your people can stay productive in the event of a disaster and enabling your teams to deliver on your promise to customers. If for any reason you are unable to access your premises or suffer a major system failure, you want the assurance of ‘Disaster Recovery’

We make this possible through the replication of your critical systems and data and having your failover environment ready to go in our secure UK data centres.

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Redcentric has fully supported our aggressive timeframe for efficiency and growth – it’s played a key part in helping us open 30 new depots a year on time and to budget, and we expect to make significant cost savings over the five year contract by using its services.

The value of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our disaster recovery service eliminates risk from your organisation and supports business continuity by providing:

Aligned To Your Needs Benefits Icon

DR aligned to your needs

Tailor DRaaS to your operational needs, replicating those critical systems that represent risk to your organisation if they were to be unavailable.

Geographic Resilience Benefits Icon

Geographic resilience

Ensure geographic resilience and peace of mind that if one location fails, your critical services can continue to run from a secondary location.

Cost-Effective Solution Benefits Icon

Cost-effective solution

Implement a failover environment without the capital expenditure associated with replicating your infrastructure. Your systems can be recovered starting from as little as two hours.

24x7 Benefits Icon

Available 24/7

Where system availability is critical, we provide round the clock support and are able to instantly respond to any issue and keep downtime to a minimum.

Assured Service Benefits Icon

Assured service

Our data centres operate to the tightest governance and are accredited to the ISO standards. We deliver the responsive service you require in a secure and assured manner.

Meeting Your RPO and RTO Benefits Icon

Meeting your RPO and RTO

Incorporating digital copies of your data into our secure data centres provides you with a service that meets your recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Business continuity guide

Would your organisation survive in the event of hardware failure, fire or cyber-attack? We explore the threats and provide you with a simple guide to operational continuity.

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Capabilities of our DRaaS

  • 24/7 standby environment
  • Ongoing application & data replication
  • Regular failover testing
  • ISO accredited data centres
  • Change management under our MRP service
  • Geographic redundancy

Why Redcentric for Disaster Recovery

Our proven data centre and connectivity infrastructure enables us to deliver a comprehensive, highly reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery service to our customers.

We recognise that every organisation has different needs. We work with you to establish and quantify the risks of a disaster to your operation and design a continuity plan that mitigates this risk, whilst ensuring your people can stay productive and you’re able to maintain service delivery to your customers.

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