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Cloud projects can be challenging as they are often complex and unique to each organisation. However, with the right approach and guidance you can create cloud environments that are effective and cost-efficient to enable you to achieve your goals and reap the rewards to be more competitive and agile.

Tap into expertise of our accredited cloud architects to support you in designing, building and managing your cloud strategy. Our cloud consulting approach is to listen and adapt to your unique situation, selecting the right platform, architecture and workloads to provide an optimal cloud experience which helps make your organisation more efficient.

This was an easy one as Redcentric have acted with a competent, proactive approach exhibiting a ‘can do’ attitude throughout the engagement. It’s always a pleasure to do business with a professional engineering team.

The value of support and guidance from expert cloud consultants

Our cloud consulting services allows you to benefit from a solution that is:

Aligned to your needs

We design the platform that is best suited to your requirements and budget, giving you confidence that you have the right solution for you.


Our accredited cloud architects create cloud environments that are built and designed to meet your security and governance requirements.

Filling internal skill gaps

Leveraging the breadth of technical skills across our organisation, we work as an extension of your team.

Increasing application performance

Our cloud consultants analyse your applications to determine if refactoring could drive business improvements.

Supports continual improvements

Stage your cloud journey and benefit from continual reviews of your workloads so you can ensure you’re getting the best out of your cloud.

Expertly managed projects

We support you throughout the complete cloud lifecycle from planning through to day-to-day management and optimisations.

Cloud migration strategies

Create a cloud migration strategy that’s right for your business. This guide looks at the process from analysing your workloads through to planning your cloud migration.

Download the guide

Our cloud consultancy capabilities

Our cloud consulting services includes:

  • Optimisation of workloads across clouds
  • On-premises, shared IaaS and cloud expertise
  • Part of the AWS Well Architected review programme
  • Automation of business processes
  • Development and expert support for code refactoring
  • Managed cloud migration and governance
  • Bespoke consultancy and IT support
AWS cloud consulting partner
Microsoft cloud verified consulting partner
VMware cloud verified IaaS

AWS Well Architected review

As part of our consultative services and as a specialist AWS partner, we can offer AWS Well-Architected Review, a consultative service designed to provide an efficient way to evaluate your workloads, identify high risk issues, and record improvements. The review is based on the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation and sustainability.

Why Redcentric cloud consultancy

Through continuous refinement we’ve developed industry-leading cloud consulting processes, underpinned by our expertise and accreditations, that take the complexity out of your migration and management. We aim to support your business success and provide the expertise you need to achieve it from planning through to on-going management and development.

Our tried and tested cloud migration process enables you to experience the benefits of public, private and hybrid systems your way. We’ve worked with organisations such as Channel 4, Heathrow Airport and The White Company to support their IT modernisation and complete lifecycle management.

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